Out with the old and in with the new though. Due to scheduling conflicts, my good friend Richard and I decided to end the Off The Record podcast. We had a blast doing it together, but I have a child and he has been swamped at work. Finding the time to record together became tough. I can’t thank him enough for tag teaming that with me. It was a good time and we had some great episodes.

While Off The Record focused solely on sports, the new podcast, much like this blog, will cover all topics.

So welcome. Welcome to the new era. Welcome to…the Hotard Era.

The name was voted on by my friends and family and they landed on the Hotard Era. All the names I chose were inspired from the idea that this blog and this podcast is mine…all mine. I produce it. I run it. This is all me. It came from the idea of control hence the name of the Hotard Era. It is my dynasty. It is my nation. All of my thoughts will be put on display in this 20-30 minute show. Let the fun begin.

Each episode will cover a wide range of topics from Fatherhood, Sports, TV, Movies, Music, Fitness and occasionally Politics. This is the world according to me. Most podcasts stick to one topic, but I would rather expand my range and talk about whatever I feel like each week. Why? Because I run this regime.

If you don’t like, put away your umbrella because I don’t need your shade.

The podcast can be heard on Soundcloud or viewed on Youtube. That’s right I will be simulcasting every episode. If you prefer to watch at home with graphics and videos implemented, you’re covered. If you prefer to listen on your drive to and from work, you’re covered.

Here is what you can expect from each episode of the Hotard Era…

  • MIKE CHECK – See what I did there? Ayyyy. Each episode begins with me discussing a specific topic. Can be anything ranging from Finn to sports to a statistic I find interesting. This is pandora’s box. It is something to get it kicked off. I will also introduce what is coming up on the show.
  • HOTARD’S HEATING UP – What has me hot and bothered this week? The part of the show where I get my mojo flowing by ranting about something. Everyone knows I like to get on my soapbox and grandstand my opinions. This will give me that.
  • HOUSE OF HOTARD – People love Game of Thrones so this is an obvious reference to that. I haven’t watched a single episode unfortunately, but I have a year and a half to catch up. I will. I promise. This segment will feature others who did something awesome and deserves recognition. Who will make it in to the Hotard Dynasty?
  • HEARTBEAT OF THE HIERARCHY – This is the part of the show where I allow you all to let your voice be heard because I am a noble leader who listens to the people. I may shit on the people sometimes, but I listen. I will ask a poll question and you guys give me your thoughts. The best opinions will be featured, whether I agree or disagree.
  • INSIDE THE HUDDLE – This will simply be a recap of what is happening on hotardhuddle.com. What you have to look for in the coming weeks, what you may have missed, etc.

The first episode of the Hotard Era airs in mid-October so stay tuned! And remember, bow down because the Hotard Era begins now! It is my world, you’re just living in it. IMG_8789.jpg




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