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Month: November 2017

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Nick Saban is the worst greatest coach of all time

Before you read this any further, some of you may notice I am from Louisiana. Before you start your “you just hate Nick Saban because he crushes LSU” bullshit. I hate LSU. I hate every school not named Nicholls State University so save your shit for another day. You may notice the headline reads “worst greatest coach.” This doesn’t mean […]

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My Ultimate Survivor Series Teams

With Survivor Series set to take place tonight, here are my ultimate SS teams. They will be broken down into five eras… Wrestlemania Era (1985-1993) New Generation Era (1994-1997) Attitude Era (1998-2001) Ruthless Aggression Era (2002-2008) PG/Universe Era (2009-Present) The rules are simple. Pick five wrestlers from that era. No wrestler can be used more than once. So make sure […]

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NFL Playoff Push Power Rankings

Why Are You Here? 32. Cleveland Browns (0-9) Verdict: I think drafting a kicker in the first round would likely solve all of this team’s problems. 31. San Francisco 49ers (1-9) Verdict: In John Lynch we trust. They are moving in the right direction. After Jim Harbaugh left, they turned into a massive dumpster fire. Next year, I expect an […]

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Top 10 Finishing Moves of All-Time

The excitement and anticipation of a finishing move in professional wrestling is second to none in terms of putting you at the edge of your seat. Throughout the history of wrestling, we have seen some moves recreated or modified. Some moves have stayed true to original form. Others have been something totally new. One thing remains though, the excitement for […]