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Month: December 2017

Why I Hate New Year’s Resolutions

The first of the year means the New Years Resolutions are coming out of the woodwork. Everyone is taking the next step in their lives and making promises to themselves to help them lead better lives. Most people will probably tell you they want to stop drinking, they want to be a better person or… Read More ›


New Year’s Gym Crowds Are Coming…So Relax and Don’t Be a Dick

If you are a member of a gym, work in a gym or know anything about gyms, you probably know about the New Year’s rush. We set our resolutions (some of us, anyway) and we do our best to make them a reality. Inevitably, losing weight/getting healthier will once again be near the top of… Read More ›

All Great Things Must Come To An End…Bye bye Personal Training

We all have experienced our fair share of bittersweet moments in our lives. Those moments usually come at a time when something you love ends, but the road ahead is an exciting one. That came full circle for me on Friday night. I have been working at Anytime Fitness for nearly three years (February 15th)…. Read More ›

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