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Month: December 2017

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Why I Hate New Year's Resolutions

The first of the year means the New Years Resolutions are coming out of the woodwork. Everyone is taking the next step in their lives and making promises to themselves to help them lead better lives. Most people will probably tell you they want to stop drinking, they want to be a better person or they want to get healthier. […]

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5 Best Christmas Movies

One of my favorite parts about Christmas is the movies, both the mainstream and Hallmark movies. Yeah I like the Hallmark movies too so suck it. I love Christmas and I love movies. So here we go… 5. The Santa Clause  I watched this movie just the other day. It never gets old. Tim Allen killed Santa so he put […]

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College Football Playoff – They Got It Wrong From The Start

The wait is over. Following conference championship weekend in college football, the College Football Playoff Selection Committee let their voices be heard and announced the final four… 1- Clemson (12-1) 2- Oklahoma (12-1) 3- Georgia (12-1)  4- Alabama (11-1)  Just missed the cut… 5- Ohio State (11-2) 6- Wisconsin (12-1)  7- Auburn (10-3) 8- USC (11-2)  The committee was going […]