Wow. Two years married to the most beautiful woman in the world. How the fuck did I get so lucky?

I was telling her the other day how crazy it was to think about high school and where we were. It seems like an eternity ago. I remember the day I added her on myspace and as they say the rest was history. For the record, can we bring back myspace? That shit was awesome.

Months before I met her, I was some young, insecure, desperate to have any affection from someone with a vagina and lost boy. Little did I know, I was adding my life partner and wife that day. It is wild to think about. MYSPACE MOTHER FUCKERS!

Seriously sit down and think about it. At 15, I didn’t know where my life would take me tomorrow let alone 11 years later. I am not sure how many guys were looking for their life partners at 15. Indirectly, I was to some degree. I would think about the future. I thought about where I would be and who I would marry. When I started dating Mallisa, I was hoping she was included in that. I could never know for sure, but I knew my best foot was going forward. I wasn’t in a relationship just because.

I remember the night I asked her to be my girlfriend. We hadn’t been talking very long. Side rant alert.

I have never understood the whole “talking phase” especially in high school. What are you looking for? I knew the odds of her being a serial killer were probably small. All I needed was the basics, what do you like to do? Do we have common interests? Can I be around you and not want to kill myself? You fulfill those basic needs, I’m game.

If you are mutually agreeing to see each other, make it official. Why tip toe around that shit? q3iCWqE.gif

It was maybe a week and a half that I had the answer to all those questions, so fuck it. You go for it. At 15, the worst she can do is say no and someone makes fun of me if they hear about it lowering my self esteem even more. Whatevs.

We were in my room watching a movie with some friends and when the movie was over, I asked if she wanted to go outside. So we went into my driveway and nervously I probably said something along the lines of “hey, I like your face. Want to be my girlfriend?”

To my surprise, she said yes. We just hugged and hung out under the stars for a while before heading back inside. When we got into my room, an instant applause from our friends. Talk about blushing.

That is my one of my first memories with her. That, and our first kiss…making out on the couch in her parents’ formal living room. Yeeeeeahh, not the nice guy you thought huh!

But seriously, from the time I asked her out, marriage was always on my mind. I wasn’t scared to talk about those things. Maybe that is why we have stayed we have stayed together all these years. Neither of us were scared of commitment. We might have said I love you prematurely, but who the hell cares? Here we are.

I remember that too. I was drunk at one my parties and brought her in my room and told her I loved her. Pretty sure I also cried that night because she pissed me off. What a pussy.

I am so happy that I had the courage to add this girl on Myspace and ask her out because I can’t imagine my life without her. It hurts to imagine that because she’s a vital part of who I am and who I want to be.

Mallisa has been there for me through everything. I quit baseball because of her. I still say that was a solid decision. I missed a tournament that I lied to my parents about and then they got a call from the coach’s son to tell them. I got an ear full while at a parade. Sorry, rather hang out with this girl than enjoy splinters in my ass while I eat sunflower seeds.

She was there when I lost my grandma and grandpa. She was there when I was flunking college. She never gave up on me. She was disappointed and pissed at me and thought I was a bum who wore the same clothes every day, but was there for me.

Going back to my bum statement…we broke up in college. Nothing serious though. This was a monthly thing. Break up for three days and realize, well that was a little bit of a knee jerk reaction. We had broken up one time and in a message she sent me, I was told I was an embarrassment for wearing the same clothes every day to class. Still to this day, I get a nice laugh out of that.giphy.gif

Our relationship wasn’t great in college despite what Facebook may say. Don’t get me wrong, we loved each other. But we said a lot of nasty and mean things to each other during that time. We had too many fights to count. It always seemed to be over trivial shit.

It is fun to look back on those things because you have to make it through the worst times for the best times to be that much better. That is where we are now. Sure, we still fight sometimes. However it is not as frequent nor is it as violent verbally. Sometimes the things we fight over are still trivial, but we know how to let it go.

For two years, I have been married to my best friend on this planet. ET takes the cake for my best best friend. For a little over two years, we have been living together and I can’t think of anyone I would rather be with.

Even after 11 years, she laughs at my lame dad jokes that I had before I was a dad. She still loves despite the fact I live like a slob. She remains patient as I invade the living room and take over the TV with football or wrestling.

So here is to you babe!

Here is to many more Disney Trips on the journey to 200!

Here is to many more Decembers celebrating our marriage and our favorite holiday season!

Here is to you being the best mom for Finn!

Here is is to being the best wife for me!

Here is to being my best friends and Disney partner for life!



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