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I'm an adult and I Still Believe in Santa

I hear this all too often. Adults and anyone over the age of 12ish will say “Christmas sucks when you don’t believe in Santa, anymore.” jingle-all-the-way

Well, quite frankly, you sound like a bit of a Grinch and I hope you never come around me on Christmas. I hope no 8-year-olds read this because I want every child to believe in the real Santa as long as they can. I am talking about the big jolly guy in the red suit. Children deserve to hang on to that as long as they can. God forbid, we ask them to use their imagination you know? If you’re 12 and still believe, good for you. That is awesome!

However, when the dreaded day comes and they find out Santa Claus is not an actual person, please don’t let that take away the Christmas spirit. This includes you adults as well.

I was 10 years old when I found out that Santa Claus wasn’t “real.” I fought it for years despite having multiple people Santa wasn’t real. The first time I was told Santa wasn’t real, I think I was 7. Lucky for me, I have always been a pretty headstrong and opinionated person. I didn’t listen. I was stuck on Santa and was going to believe in him until my terms and conditions expired. giphy

I remember talking to my mom and asking her whether or not Santa Claus was real. I believe I had to ask her three times before she told me that he wasn’t. I appreciate her not trying to ruin that for me, but I have always been the type of person to argue with a fence post and she probably knew that wasn’t a debate she was ultimately going to win.

Despite not believing in the big guy, that day didn’t really change Christmas Day for me. I still loved the holiday season and I loved waking up to gifts from “Santa,” my parents and grandparents on December 25th.

As I got much older (within the last 4-5 years), I began to realize something very important…

Although I don’t believe in the actual Santa Claus, I do believe that the idea of Santa is what keeps the spirit of Christmas alive for me. What do I mean by that?

We love the idea of Santa Claus because he is this big jolly guy who makes toys and puts smiles on the faces of children across the globe. Why does that idea have to die when we no longer believe or when we are no longer children? Why let that kill your Christmas spirit and become a Grinch? 16ca2bae2b2960fb2f85bc961b869b1e--fireplace-surrounds-funny-christmas-memes

I feel like that is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation to the people that love you and for them to reciprocate that same feeling to you. YOU become Santa for the people you love. They become Santa for you. That is the way it always was from the beginning anyway so why let that die? Why let that kill your Christmas spirit?

My wife and I still make gifts for each other from “Santa” knowing that my wife buys those gifts. It still adds the element of what Christmas morning was like as a child. That is a feeling I hope never dies. I truly believe age is just a number.

For me, in my heart, I am going to be as young as I can for as long as I can because life is too short to grow up and be an adult all the time. That is part of the reason I love things like Christmas, Disney or WWE. It brings me back to being a child. These were the things I loved as a kid. I am not letting that go. For the people who say grow up, why? So I become old and bitter like you. Fuck that.

More importantly, here comes the best part about still believing in Santa…

Now that we have a child, we get to have the big guy back in our lives and when the day finally comes where he comes to terms with what Santa is, I will explain to him that you don’t need a fictional character to still believe in the idea of something. Don’t let that ruin your joy during the holiday season.

For the record, if any dildo decides to try to ruin Santa Claus for my little dude, I will burn you and everything you love to the ground because no one fucks with my Christmas spirit. Game_of_Thrones.gif

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! I am 26-year-old and I still believe in Santa and that’s ok.


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