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Top 10 Columns of 2017 (with links)

Another year in the books for the Hotard Huddle. In my second year, I have more than tripled my traffic from the inaugural year which I am fairly excited about. However, traffic has been dwindling so I am hoping that is more so because of the holidays and not a trend. Here are the most read columns of 2017.

10. Finding Finn: The Only Name for our Son 

This talks about our journey in finding the name Finn…before it was cool. I still love his name to this day for all the reasons I mentioned here.

9. How the Saints Can Win Now…Why They Won’t 

Even when I am wrong, I am right. This column discussed the Saints habit of abandoning the run game when they didn’t always have to. It discusses how they could win now (which they have), however, I predicted they wouldn’t based on history.

8. Welcome to the World My Sweet Boy (Post and Video) 

This is the journey of our hospital experience when my amazing wife birthed our beautiful and sweet boy, Finn.

7. Journalism: A Life I am Happy I Left Behind  

I completely forgot I wrote this. But this is the journey to chasing a dream and quickly watching it crash and burn. It goes into full detail of the abusive workplace I was in. In short, my old boss can fuck a goat.

6. Coaching By Casey 

This is the story of my buddy Casey who was a stud infielder at University of Indiana and came back home to help kids work on their craft.

5. Three Best Friends, Three Babies, Three Different Experiences

My wife and her friends announced their pregnancies on the same night, none of them knowing they all had the same news. Really cool story about their journey.

4. How A Fear of the Gym Turned Into Success and a Healthier Lifestyle  

I can’t tell you how proud I am of my client and more importantly, my friend, Brandy. Talk about a fitness journey for the ages.

3. Kill the Head and the Body Dies…Time to Talk About Firing Sean Payton 

I. Was. Wrong. Period. Prior to the season, I was screaming fire Sean Payton. After losing the first two, I was really heating up his seat. However, he turned it around. Maybe my incessant twitter trolling did it.

2. Why New Orleans Sucks 

My hot take on the city of NOLA. Not really a huge fan. A lot of detractors on this one. But hey, if you’re not pissing people off, you’re not doing it right.

1. I said it before and I’ll say it again…IT IS A GREAT TIME TO BE A COLONEL

Swords Up for my alma mater, the Nicholls State Colonels!



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