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New Year's Gym Crowds Are Coming…So Relax and Don't Be a Dick

If you are a member of a gym, work in a gym or know anything about gyms, you probably know about the New Year’s rush.

We set our resolutions (some of us, anyway) and we do our best to make them a reality. Inevitably, losing weight/getting healthier will once again be near the top of most people’s resolutions.

I get it. Despite working in a gym, I am not a fan of working out when it is super crowded, but I manage. I like having it to myself as well. I like not having to worry about people using the cable crossover or leg press (just kidding, I don’t do legs). But, it is a gym. It is inevitable for your favorite machines to be occupied sometimes.

You will likely here the murmurs of some people complaining about all the new people coming in. I beg you to please not feed into this. If you do, I hope you come down with Ebola. JaR4k.gif

I cringe when I hear things like “they will be out by March anyway” or “here they come.” These are people you asshole. They are not solicitors at your door step wanting to sell you shit or talk about Jesus. Relax.

The worst part about complainer guy, he is probably right about a lot of them. Most of the New Year’s crowd tends to fall off the wagon shortly after joining. But that still doesn’t give you the right to cheer for that to happen.

First of all, those people are here for a reason just like you. For many people, just walking into a gym is scary in and of itself. Don’t make that experience worse for them by giving  evil eyes and making crude comments.

How do you know that person isn’t there to get off blood pressure medicine? Or perhaps, they want to look stunning for their wedding in October?

I can name you a long list of “January people” who stuck it out and have adopted fitness as a lifestyle change and that is awesome. Remember, they are paying for their membership just like you. You are not more important because you have been there longer.

Second, if you are really complaining because a machine you want is occupied, there are alternatives. If you don’t know any, probably time to change the routine anyway. Who is the real noob here? giphy.gif

Third, there is nothing that warms my heart more than seeing someone help another gym member out. Instead of treating them like they have some apocalyptic disease, try embracing their existence and offer them a warm welcome or friendly advice. That would probably go a long way for them.

If you want to treat people like shit who trying to make a change in their life, stay home and stop being a dick to people trying to better themselves.





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