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Why I Hate New Year's Resolutions

The first of the year means the New Years Resolutions are coming out of the woodwork. Everyone is taking the next step in their lives and making promises to themselves to help them lead better lives. Most people will probably tell you they want to stop drinking, they want to be a better person or they want to get healthier.

That is all well and good and I hope every single person achieves what they set out to. But there is a reason why most resolutions fail dramatically. Statistically specking, between 40-50 percent of Americans make resolutions every year. Of the 40-50 percent, only 8 percent will see through what they started to begin the new year. may-the-odds-be-ever-in-your-favor-gif-14

Working in a gym, I am probably not supposed to say I hate the idea of resolutions because our business gets a boom every year as a result. But, I hate them.

The intention behind them is usually just. However, they are a system designed for you to fail for a couple of reasons.

The first part of this equation for failing is too lofty of expectations and not enough attainable goals.

I get it because I am a big picture guy. I like to know where the light at the end of the tunnel is. However, you have to realize the grind to get there. People don’t understand how to properly set goals for themselves to get there.

Let’s just use health goals because they are the most popular and I see it all the time. People have lofty expectations to lose 60+ lbs. for the year. Awesome, that is a realistic goal to have. However, you’re not doing that in three months. Instead of just looking at 60+ lbs on the scale, figure out how to get there. When it comes to weight loss, there will be setbacks. It is going to happen. kir

What small changes are you going to make? If you’re drinking a 12 pack of coke every day, that goal is going to be a bit hard to reach. Likewise, if you think just eating the same things but doing cardio is the way go, again, probably not going to happen. For a goal like that, succeeding will require a good workout regimen, a balanced diet and dedication.

Remember, you have 12 months to reach these goals. Don’t try to do it all at once. That’s how you fail.

The second major problem with resolutions is figuring out why or who you are doing this for. The reality is that resolutions are nothing more than a trend. They are a way for people to say I am going to do this for the sake of doing it. People probably spend the last two months of the year thinking about what their resolution is going to be. They then sit their and mull on it once they figure it out. Why are you waiting to act if you have it figured out?

That is my first issue. You want to lose weight, be a better husband, be a better father or stop cursing, that is awesome. You should strive for those things NOW. The more you wait around, the less likely you are to fulfill it.

Honestly, ask yourself why you are waiting? You really need the new year to make change? You’re not doing it for yourself then. You’re doing it for a calendar or other people. You may ask what I mean by that. Let me explain…

You’re probably waiting to make this big announcement on social media with your resolution when it becomes popular and get your likes. Again, your resolution is being done for the wrong reasons. Do it for you, not for anyone else. Do it on your terms. Not on the terms of a trend. If they are not YOUR goals that YOU set on YOUR terms, then you’re probably fucked.








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