2018 means new year new me right? Nah, I like me. I am a fucking delight. With that being said, I like to shake things up with the blog and make new strides to expand my range.

One of the things I will actively do in 2018 is more videos because studies show the more people have to click, the less likely they are to view. Thanks to Facebook, I can upload directly to there. Don’t worry, my Youtube will still have everything. Think of it as an archive database.

One of the videos I will be doing regularly is a web series twice per month with one of my best friends, Daniel Hillmann (with two n’s). Keep in mind, this is not replacing the Hotard Era. I still need 30 minutes every once in a while to shit on people, places and things.

This show is going to be a little more light hearted and consist of a more lagniappe approach.

I decided to approach Danny about doing a web series where we do just that. He and I did a Disney draft in the Disney store a while back which was hilarious and fun. You can check that out on Hotard Huddle Youtube. My blog already touches on enough serious topics, so this is some added fun.

We decided to collaborate on “Don’t Hold Your Tongue,” an opinion based show with a little twist. Here is how it works…


Each episode will be 30 minutes with Danny and myself sitting across from each other in my man cave/multi-million dollar production studio/patio. He and I will pick between a few categories or styles of episodes and run with it. We will debate each other about the topics that we choose. Each episode will vary from countdowns (top 5 or 10 lists), drafts and tournament brackets.

With two episodes per month, that leaves us with 24 episodes per year. We figured we could break those down into three different types of shows…


For countdown episodes we will rotate these in two ways…

TOP 5 – We will select a topic to discuss what our top five of that particular topic will be. We will each create our own lists and then debate each other on whether or not our picks deserve to be there. At the end of the episode, we can make a final argument for why our list is superior. Then we leave it up for people to decide who had the better list.

Top 10 – This is where things could get really funny and interesting. Our top 10 episodes will be Danny and I making a combined list of top 10. Basically, I will make a selection for 10 and then he would do 9 and we would continue flip flopping working our way down the ladder. By doing this, we may leave off some really good picks or we could make a pick that the other person hates which would then cause us to shit all over each other.


Drafts are always fun, which is why I love playing fantasy football so much. I figured we could do draft episodes two months out of the year. We could have one episode in March leading up to the NFL draft and then in May. Everyone will be talking about NFL draft results while we start building up for NBA draft. Then, we could do another two in August and September during the start to Fantasy Football.

7 Rounds – With the NFL draft being seven rounds, I figured we could stick with that format. We will begin with round one. Danny and I will each make our selections. After each pick, we will analyze who we took and whether or not that was a good pick.

After the draft is complete, we will make our final case for why our team is better and ask the folks who had the better squad.


Everyone goes crazy in March over the NCAA Basketball Tournament known as March Madness. Last year, you guys may remember I did two brackets for that consisted of Sports Movie Characters (Gordon Bombay doesn’t lose) and TV Show Characters (George Feeny for the Win). People made their votes and each week I would release the results.

I figured this time we could do the same thing. The only difference would be the bracket could be cut down to 16 teams instead of 64 because we only have 30 minutes to do this. This could span over two episodes…

Selection Show – Danny and I will each come with a giant list of contenders for the bracket. We will then discuss and set up said bracket which will have 4 brackets with 4 teams seeded 1-4. We will then predict our winners, upsets and more. We will then post the bracket we have created and ask everyone to fill one out.

Tournament Show – We add up the totals and release the results further discussing the upsets and who should’ve made it and who shouldn’t have.


My favorite part about the show is that while it follows a very sports heavy gimmick, this show will be featuring more than just sports which is exciting.

For example, our first two episodes we record are going to be countdowns. One of which will be a Top 10 and the other a Top 5.

For our Top 10 countdown, Danny and I will be selecting the biggest trolls to the media. We will make a list rotating back and forth of people who genuinely piss off and just shit all over the media both local and national. It is going to be glorious. I think we already have our consensus number one.

For our first Top 5 Countdown episode, we will be selecting our Top 5 Underrated Bad Asses from Movies. Basically, what movie character we absolutely would not fuck with, but the ones people never EVER talk about. I already have my number one for this one.


You may have noticed I said we will be letting the folks decide who has the better top 5 list and who has the better draft. When we do episodes like this, we will be competing against each other therefore a little banter and smack talk may be in order. We will keep a running tab on the record of wins and losses.







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