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XFL RETURNING: Here is my wishlist

WWE owner Vince McMahon announced Thursday afternoon that he is making a comeback in football. For those who remember, the XFL was a football league he created back in 1999. By 2001, the league went belly up thanks to improper planning.

After two decades, McMahon announced the XFL is making a return leaving the slutty looking cheerleaders, insane rules and possibly player nicknames behind.

The league is expected to have 8 teams and play a 10 week schedule. They will follow the college football format of a 4 team playoff. A few other notable things said during the presser were as follows…

  • No Halftime
  • Fewer Commercial Breaks
  • Two-Hour Games
  • Simpler Rules
  • Family Friendly Sport

We literally have no idea what the league will actually be. With that being said, here are a few things I would love to see happen.

2K Partnership

WWE has a partnership in place with WWE so they produce the video games. I hope to all that is holy that the XFL produces a video game with 2K sports. NFL 2k5 may be my favorite NFL video game every made. All Pro Football 2k8 gameplay was great. It just lacked flavor. I love the 2k football series and since the NFL seems to want to keep handing the license to EA, bring back a 2k football game. XFL 2k20!

Power Ups

I completely stole this from another site. Power ups would be really cool. They are almost like a game breaker. I know the thought is that the league will not be gimmicky, but whatever. Just throwing these out there. Basically, if a team gets a 100 yard rusher, 100 yard receiver or maybe a QB throws for 250 yards, that team gets power up reward that they can use at any point in the game. The power could be having an extra player on the field on offense or defense for x amount of plays.

Returning Stars

This is simple. Get on the phone and call Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel, Robert Griffin III and other guys like that. Bring some mass appeal to the league. I want to see Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel back at QB so so so bad.

Fantasy Draft at the Beginning

This would be a real cool way to start the league. Each head coach participates in a fantasy draft of the entire league. To keep things from being insanely long, maybe do 10 rounds. After that, whatever players are left are fair game to be signed.

Return of Nicknames

Bring them back! Nick names are awesome. My favorite tweet was from Jared Lorenzen who said sign him and he can wear “He Ate Me” on his jersey.

Smaller Field with Less Players and Running Clock

The main idea Vince seems to be preaching is timely games. He does not want the games going over two hours. Let’s downsize everything from the number of players on the field to the size of the field to the game clock.

You do two halves at 24 minutes each. Clock only stops on incompletions or first downs inside the last 4 minutes of each half. Halftime lasts 5 minutes to regroup. The dimensions of the field can be 80 by 40. First downs are every 20 yards (20, 40, 20). There is no chain gang. The first downs are on the specific yard line. Teams will field 8 players at a time making it fast paced and almost like flag but it is still tackle.


None of this will happen, but a guy can dream can’t he? Just give me a video game and I will be happy.






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