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Month: February 2018

Hotard Era (Ep 7) – Shootings, Gun Laws, Seth Rollins, Actor Bracket

The Hotard Era is the official podcast of the Hotard Huddle. The podcast is hosted by me, Michael Hotard. It features my thoughts on life, politics, sports and more. This is the world according to me. This is the new era…The Hotard Era. Intro Mike Check – School Shootings Hotard’s Heating Up – Gun Laws… Read More ›


Anyone else miss Ding Dong Ditching? Asking for a friend.

They say America’s favorite pastime is baseball. Well, Michael Hotard’s favorite pastime was ringing people’s doorbells and watching them get furious when no one was there. What can I say…I guess I was always a troll at heart, even before I knew what a troll was. There are dozens upon dozens of things I miss… Read More ›

Don’t Hold Your Tongue (Ep 3)Top 5 Historical Figures To Have a Beer With

(Click here to watch) Episode 3 – Top 5 Historical Figures To Have a Beer With

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