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Athletes should keep their nose out of politics…said the hypocrite

Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James or whoever comes out to the forefront to state their opinions, it doesn’t matter. Many folks don’t seem to like it.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham put James on headlines this week when she made a comment on air that he needs to “shut up and dribble.”

Unfortunately, this seems to be the opinion of many folks. Just read content about kneeling for the anthem, promise you fill find at least one comment that reads something along the lines of “shut up and just play your sport.”

Apparently freedom of speech doesn’t apply to athletes. James is no political expert so he can’t have an opinion I guess.

I was told by someone recently to keep my opinions regarding a particular topic to myself because I am not an expert in that field. Said person proceeded to tell me about the industry I work in and my position. Honestly, that is just laughable.

You don’t have to work in a field to have a well formulated opinion about it. There are plenty of people who know more about the fitness industry than me who have never stepped foot in it.

My favorite part in all of this regarding the shut up and dribble comment is this bongo beater works for Fox News. You know, the station that carries out the conservative political agenda. For the record, I would say the same thing if this was Anderson Cooper on CNN because he is carrying out the left agenda to feed into the self serving bias of their viewers.

If you want to debate his opinion and say you think it is not a well formed one, sure, go for it. But, really? Shut up and dribble?

Sounds like a load of crap to me. You’re probably pissed off he can grandstand his opinions to wider audiences because more people care about putting a ball through a hoop than your show on Fox.

This brings me around to the internet world I referenced earlier. Let’s take a look at social media since the shooting in Florida. Everyone has made sure to post their opinions and engage in civil and some not so civil debates over the course of this tragedy, just like we tend to do for every tragedy or major controversy in society.

Hell, people on social media tend to find anything to bitch about. I came across a screenshot the other day of a teen olympic gold medalist who overslept and said fuck on TV. One of the comments from a lady named Debra, who had a delightful profile picture with her basically finger blasting her cat, read “Overslept. That sums up the work ethic of that generation.”

Someone clapped back “how many gold medals do you and your cat have? Go knit some mittens Debra.”


To all our folks like Debra out there, just go knit some mittens.

You expect athletes not to voice their opinions, but you will go ham in the comment sections of articles, other posts and your own timeline. But God forbid an athlete or celebrity does it, right?

What is wrong? You don’t agree? Well that is just too damn bad. The real issue is the folks of social media are probably pissed off because his comment will reach millions and their comments will only reach your 283 friends on Facebook. Thanks for coming out.

As for the 11 or so people who like and read my content, hope you enjoyed it. (They can’t tear you down if you make fun of yourself, right?)

As for Laura Ingraham, bite a toe.



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