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Month: March 2018

Hotard Era (Ep 8) – Tucker Carlson, Anti Vaccers and more

The Hotard Era is the official podcast of the Hotard Huddle. The podcast is hosted by me, Michael Hotard. It features my thoughts on life, politics, sports and more. This is the world according to me. This is the new era…The Hotard Era. Intro Mike Check – Anti-Vaccers Hotard’s Heating Up – Tucker Carlson and… Read More ›


6 Months with Finn (Video)

My big man turned 6 months so I put together this little slideshow of all of my favorite pictures and videos. Through all the ups and downs I have experienced in the earliest stages of fatherhood, I wouldn’t trade second of it. For every cry, there is a smile. For every frustrating day, there is… Read More ›

My Thoughts on the Whole Gun Conundrum: Here we go…

Before I begin this column, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I feel like I have to say this before I write the column since people get their panties in a wad over things like this. If you enjoy your guns, I am by no means saying you are a bad person for enjoying those… Read More ›

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