Holy shit! Talk about putting a target on your back.

Meet Jalen Ramsey, the Jacksonville Jaguars star cornerback. Entering his third season, Ramsey went off the rails when asked about the starting QBs in the NFL.

This is what Ramsey had to say (in short) about the crop of QBs in the NFL…

  • Josh Allen (Bills Rookie) – Trash
  • Baker Mayfield (Browns Rookie) –  Understand him being the top pick
  • Lamar Jackson (Ravens Rookie) – Going to do a good job
  • Joe Flacco (Ravens Starter) – Sucks
  • Aaron Rodgers (Packers) – Doesn’t Suck
  • Tom Brady – Doesn’t Suck
  • Tyrod Taylor (Browns) – Underrated
  • Marcus Mariota (Titans) – Good Game Manager
  • Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers) – Guess he’s good
  • Deshaun Watson (Texans) – Future MVP
  • Carson Wentz (Eagles) – Future MVP
  • Jared Goff (Rams) – Average to above average
  • Dak Prescott (Cowboys) – He’s ok
  • Kirk Cousins (Vikings) – Winner
  • Russell Wilson (Seahawks) – Good
  • Roethlisberger (Steelers) – Decent at best
  • Eli Manning (Giants) – Odell makes him
  • Blake Bortles (Jaguars teammate) – Does what he has to do
  • Nick Foles (Eagles) – Good enough to win a SB
  • Drew Brees (Saints) – Really good
  • Andrew Luck (Colts) – Don’t think he’s good
  • Matt Stafford (Lions) – Straight
  • Philip Rivers (Chargers) – Pretty Good
  • Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins) – Haven’t heard good things
  • Matt Ryan (Falcons) – Overrated

Well, ok then. Now I don’t agree with most of those assessments, but nonetheless it is still funny. If you are not a huge football fan, you may think “well who is this clown?”

Jalen Ramsey graded out as the second best corner in the league last season according to Pro Football Focus. He finished his second NFL season with 5 interceptions, 10 pass break ups and gave up less than 25 yards in eight of the Jags games.

Ramsey is physical and as good as it gets as far as corners go. Slighting nearly the entire league automatically puts a MONUMENTAL target on his back. To any QB who tries, good luck testing those waters. As for Jalen, good luck because they’re all gunning for you now.

While some may not like or agree with the trash talk and being a loud mouth, I freaking love it. Trash talking makes sports more entertaining because it creates villains. It creates narratives. What is a good game without a good story? No one likes a guy who runs his mouth. People really can’t stand a guy who runs his mouth and wins.

I get so tired of hearing that athletes need to be humble. They need to be “classy.” They need to be professional. No, they fucking don’t. The world of sports is a business of entertainment. Therefore, entertain me. Know what entertains me? A guy who runs his mouth and ups the ante.

What I am tired of is the following…

  • Winner of a close game – Yeah you know that was a heck of a ball game by both sides. We just went to battle out there and I am glad we came away with the W.
  • When asked about a specific play in said game – I just wanted to go out there and do my part and execute the play. Our guys did a great job up front and that opened up the game for me to make a play and I always hope to take advantage of those opportunities.

These are the premeditated answers we hear all the time from athletes and it is nothing more than a crock of shit.

I don’t know how many of you remember former LSU Quarterback Ryan Perrilloux. I covered a New Orleans Voodoo game that also happened to be his first time suiting up in Arena Football. Naturally, there was hype surrounding it…well as much hype as you can get out of Arena Football (not a lot).

I don’t remember the stats. But I do know that he played magnificent in the first half and then the second half comes and he was a deer in the headlights.

Every single post game question and I am not kidding when I say EVERY SINGLE QUESTION was answered with…

Yeah you know. We just got to do a better job. We gonna look at the film this week and we will go from there. 

If you think these guys actually talk like this in the locker room or to their friends, you are sorely mistaken. Give me the raw stuff. Give me the real emotion. Give me the real feelings.

Of course athletes shouldn’t throw teammates under the bus, but when discussing an opponent. Go all in if that is your personality. If you can handle the scrutiny that will come if you talk shit and don’t back it up, let it fly. We care way too much about sportsmanship and fair play. A little shit talking during a game adds to the fun.

I know this makes me sound like a total tool. But I was playing in my basketball league a few weeks ago. It was late in the fourth and we were in a close game. I had an open 3 in transition and some dude screams from the other side of the court I would miss. I turned my head toward him and blew him kiss right before I went nothing but net on that shot. No hard feelings were had. The dude ran down court and fist bumped me and just said “respect.”

This is what sports are. They are filled with emotion and passion. Imagine playing sports for your income. Imagine that being your way to provide for yourself and your family. Magnify that emotion average joes like myself feel by a billion.

I will forever remember the David Tyree and Mario Manningham catches in the Giants Super Bowl wins over the Patriots.

I will forever remember the onside kick the Saints pulled to start the 2nd half in their Super Bowl victory over the Colts.

I will forever remember watching Brett Favre throw across his body leading to the interception that cost the Vikings a shot at the Lombardi.

I will forever remember sitting in the stands as Garrett Hartley booted the 40 yarder from the right hash to send the Saints to their first Super Bowl. These are some of the plays that will live with me forever.

You know what else I will remember forever and tell my kids about?

Richard Sherman Cutting a WWE Promo on Michael Crabtree

Richard Sherman breaking up the pass to Michael Crabtree sealing the Seahawks victory over the 49ers in the NFC Championship. Know why I will remember that play? The two minutes that Richard Sherman apparently signed a WWE contract and no one knew about it. This dude cut a freaking promo on Michael Crabtree.

“I am the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you’re gonna get. Don’t you ever talk about me! Don’t you open your mouth about the best. Or I’m gonna shut it for you real quick. LOB.”

Literally got goosebumps typing that. After Crabtree refused to shake hands and pushed Sherman’s helmet, Sherman unloaded on him in the post game interview. Unfortunately, he was made out to be the asshole.

McGregor v Mayweather

More so than the fight itself, the trash talk leading up to the fight is what I will remember. Conor McGregor is a God in combat sports. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the eyes he draws to the sport. He is also willing to put his money where his mouth is. Hence the reason he took on Mayweather in a ring and not the octagon.

When they were in Toronto for their promo, he unleashed on Mayweather pulling no punches.

On the count of 3 I want everyone to scream Fook the Mayweathers.

Life is so fooking good. How do I look? What the fook is he wearing? He looks like a little breakdancer or something, a little 12-year-old breakdancer little bitch. What the fook? He’s 40! You’re 40 years of age. Dress your fooking age! Carrying a school bag on stage. What are you doing with a school bag on stage? You can’t even read! 40 years old, carrying a school bag. The man doesn’t even fooking read.

I remember watching the promo and just loving every single minute. Knowing McGregor wouldn’t win the fight, I could rest my head knowing this dude shit on Mayweather on the mic.

Chad Johnson

He was my favorite player in the NFL when I was kid, period. Not even up for debate. As good of a receiver as he was, I loved him for his celebrations and arrogant personality to his opponents.

I still remember the commercial that aired for a Sunday Night Football game between the Bengals and Jaguars. Chad Johnson kept a list of corners he was matched up against in his locker. He checked them off after every game because no one could stop the man in his prime. Jaguars had Rashean Mathis who was an absolute stud for the Jags.

The commercial featured the song Express Yourself. It was Chad…

Some people don’t like trash talk. Sorry old school. Meet the new school. This is how it’s gonna be…

So if you line up on me on Sundays, that’s what you gonna get. Chad Johnson. 85. I am the best receiver in the NFL. What can I say? 

I’m the mouth. I’m the motor. I’m the thing that keeps us running. The new Bengals. We are the team to beat.

It’s ridiculous. Who can cover me? (laughing) 85 can’t even stop 85. Sunday night, anyone that has anything to do with the secondary, the safeties. There is nothing you can do to stop what I do. It is not humanly possible. 

Rashean Mathis, yeeeah. You know him? Me neither. Rashean Mathis, you can’t cover me. Everybody wants to know what 85 is gonna do next. I got something special for tonight. And don’t blink. If you blink, you might miss it. 

He was everything to me in the sports world growing up. I loved his confidence. I loved his trash talk. I loved his celebrations.

Another great Chad moment was when they matched up against the Falcons. This meant the vastly overrated Deangelo Hall was covering him. PFFFFFFFF!

Hall called him overrated and said he was going to blanket him. Chad fired back and said you may as well call him Deangelo Fall. He said he would score and he would score more than once. What did Chad do? 99 yards 2 touchdowns and a victory for the Bengals. #LEGEND

Conclusion – Jalen Ramsey

Trash talk makes the game more fun. It gives a certain level of flavor that I love. I don’t care about humility. I don’t care about class. I don’t care about politically correct. It is sports. Have some fun.

For him to take a shot at nearly every QB is a BOLD freaking move, but he’s one of the best. He is now going to have to prove it once again. If he does, keep up the trash talk Jalen because the Jags will only become that much more popular. In sports, people need a good villain. Maybe Jalen can be the next one.



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