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Fantasy Football is Upon Us: Bring on the Trash Talk, Mock Drafts and Emotional Turmoil

The countdown is on as there are less than 100 days until the next draft of the Dirty Dozen Fantasy Football League. Every year is filled with ups, downs, anger, hostility, trash talk, questioning your existence and of course shitting all over your team because a Desean Jackson punt return for a TD gets called back in the 4th causing

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A Little Bit About Me

What’s up guys! Happy Friday. I was coming up with an idea for a get to know me column for the lifestyle section since I relaunched the blog. Plus I don’t know about you but I love taking surveys. So I decided to do one. Light and Casual All Time Favorite Movie: The Godfather I never watched the Godfather Trilogy until

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5 Years Ago Yesterday…

One of my favorite things to do each day is look through my memories on Facebook. It’s nice to be reminded of where you came from, what you’ve gone through and how different you are now. There are plenty of cringeworthy moments such as 10 years ago when high school me posted “is not lookin forward to tom and thusday.”

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The lottery heard around the world on Tuesday night brought the excitement out of the New Orleans Pelicans fans when the days seemed dark. In the midst of veteran star Anthony Davis inevitably on his way out, all talk of an Anthony Davis trade surrounded around one name in particular, Zion Williamson. At 6’7 283 lbs. the guy is an

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