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The Final Watch: Game of Thrones Awards

I am not here to waste time setting up everything before I air out my thoughts on the series finale of Game of Thrones and hand out my GoT Awards.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room of season 8 being just awful. Some of you have never watched WWE and it really shows. Aside from 5-6 PPVs, I haven’t watched it at all in a year and a half. Why? Because it sucks.

If you hated season 8 so much and it was as bad as you are making it seem, just read the damn recaps. You should’ve known after 1-2 episodes what the season would be moving forward.

Full on triggered over continuity errors which is incredibly ironic coming from a bunch of 90s kids like myself who love shows like Boy Meets World. You need to go back and see the continuity the old shows lack.

The one criticism that holds water is that it was rushed leading to lack of storyline development. They had to address a million and one things in 6 episodes. At this point, could they really fill in the rest? So there was a lot of off screen developments such as Missandei’s kidnapping. Deal with it. So what. We see it too often where shows drag on and lose steam. This one didn’t.

Of course everyone is bitching about the ending saying it doesn’t make sense and that it is the worst ending to a series. That is just about the reactionary and prisoner of the moment take I have ever heard. You clearly haven’t watched shows like Dexter, Pretty Little Liars, Sopranos or How I Met Your Mother. Those were terrible endings. But I digress.

Just because a show doesn’t provide the shock and awe, that doesn’t mean the show was bad. Quite the contrary, everything came full circle in the end.

The Ending Made Sense Whether You Like It or Not

Bran being elected as the new king because he can see the past and they all want a better future makes sense. He gives them the best chance to not repeat mistakes. He is the one who can truly “break the wheel.” The foreshadowing here is that Bran was a climber, it literally is what broke him. Now he metaphorically climbs to the top as King.

Dany’s death was symbolic because she indeed became the Mad Queen. In order for the wheel to break, she had to die. As a result, Drogon poetically destroys the Iron Throne which was the reason she was ultimately killed. He then flies with his mother in his claws to what we believe was Valyeria to put her to rest with all of the Targaryen ancestors.

Jon being outcasted for the crime of killing Dany leads him north with Tormund and Ghost. He has always been an outcast for being a bastard and he ends the series as an outcast.

Arya comes in and makes a ton of noise and then just peaces out when the dust settles. Typical Arya move being an adventurer.

Sansa finally gets to be Queen (of the North). She’s always fancied the title of queen, but unfortunately it came at the expense of her being married to horrible people such as Joffrey and Ramsay. She finally gets a chance to rule.

Tyrion getting hand of the king was easily my favorite part of the episode. Tyrion has been a favorite for me since day 1. He was the only Lannister who wanted to right the wrongs of his family. I love that his last line in the entire show was “I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel” after deliberating with the council. Tyrion is one of the most brilliant minds in the show and him getting to be hand is awesome.

Brienne etching all of Jaime’s accomplishments into history was fantastic. She was the one who stood up for him and of course loved him. She was one of the few who knew the real story behind the Kingslayer.

Sam paying homage to George RR Martin was awesome, period. Cheesy is ok sometimes. For a show that doesn’t do cheesy, that was a good time to do it.

Bronn finally got the damn castle he deserves. He ended it the same way he began, dropping one liners and insults like there is no tomorrow.

Grey Worm sails to Naath where he and Missandei talked about going once the war was over.

GoT Awards

Best Character Arc – Theon Greyjoy 

Theon has one of the best redemption stories of anyone in any TV show ever. He went from a smug and arrogant cocksman to literally having his penis chopped off. He was stripped away of everything and after being freed, he did everything to try and make it right.

Best Monologue – Tyrion, Laws of Gods and Men

Tyrion sticking it to his his father Tywin and all of King’s landing saying he wish he was the one who killed Joffrey. He wishes he was the monster they all think he is. He claims he is on trial for being a dwarf because his father couldn’t take the fact he was a dwarf and he killed his wife during birth.

Character That Died Too Soon – Oberyn Martell

The Viper was so damn smooth and awesome. He almost beat The Mountain in defending Tyrion. Unfortunately, his anger and pride got the best of him. I would have loved for Oberyn to stick around.

Person I Want To Be Best Friends With – Bronn 

Bronn is good for a one liner and to kick some ass. Sounds like a great guy to have on my side.

Best Comedic Relief – Tormund 

The man who loves the big woman. The man who loves breast milk. The man who gets extra excited to see Jon. The man who’s EYES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN BLUE!

Best Wife Material – Margaery Tyrell

Natalie Dormer is gorgeous and she was arguably the most noble queen in the show. Not only is she attractive, she’s just a damn good person. I hated watching Cersei’s plot to the blow up the Sept and Marg knew it was coming. Broke my damn heart man.

Biggest “Oh Shit” Moment – Clegane Bowl

CLEAGANE BOWL! Oh my god, it was everything I have ever wanted and more. One thing season 8 got right for sure was giving us the battle we deserve between brothers Gregor and Sandor. The Hound knew he couldn’t win, but said screw it, you’re dying with me. He tackles Gregor through a wall as they fall into the burning city. The Hound kills his brother by fire, the one fear Gregor instilled in him.

Best Couple – Jon and Ygritte

You know nothing, Jon Snow!

Most Savage Moment – Bronn Doesn’t Fight With Honor 

In the first of several trials by combat for Tyrion, Bronn volunteers to defend him. After letting his opponent chase him around wearing him down, he strikes, wins and sends him through the moon door. After the battle, Lady Arryn says he doesn’t fight with honor. Bronn smugly replies “no…but he did” (point to the fallen victim).

Best House – House Stark

I love the Starks and after all the crap they went through, they made it on top.

Best City – Dorne

The woman are beautiful. It is upscale. They are rich as hell. What’s not to love? Also the song “Dornishman’s wife” is a killer tune.

Most Satisfying Death – Joffrey Baratheon  

Joffrey was such a deplorable piece of shit so watching him choke to death in a violent manner was worth every second.

Best Quote – “Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you.” -Tyrion 

I absolutely love this quote that Tyrion tells Jon in Season 1. I believe it was the first episode. If you know who you are and are comfortable with it, no one can say or do anything to spite you.

Best Battle – Battle of the Bastards 

The anxiety I felt during this was insurmountable. They filmed everything from ground level making the pile of bodies and all the action feel that much more intense. Every battle was incredible, but since I have to pick one…this is it.

Best Moment – Arya Kills the Night King 

Arya for the win. She is the GOAT, period. I felt so many emotions when I saw her leap, then get caught, drop the knife and boom game over.

Hardest Death – Hodor

Hold the door. That is exactly what he did to save Bran. This was THE most heartbreaking moment of the entire show. The guy literally lived an entire life for that moment. RIP Hodor. You are too pure for any of us.

Most Shocking Moment – Ned Stark Death 

This was the first moment that left you kind of speechless. You’re sitting there thinking, “I thought he was a main character. Why the hell did they just kill him?”

Best Face Turn – Jaime Lannister

When Jaime saves Brienne from being raped when they were captured, you started to see Jaime had a heart somewhere. He lost his hand for her.

Best Heel Turn – Dany Burns King’s Landing

Everything people said about Targaryen’s, she proved true. She became power hungry and killed innocent people by way of fire. It was pretty symbolic watching her father’s wildfire all blow up as she’s torching King’s Landing.

Best Anti Hero – Varys

He is the damn protecter of the realm. Varys was awesome. He was brilliant and he was going to do what was best for everyone, not just those in power.

Best Feel Good Moment – The Hound Saves Arya 

When Arya and The Hound were making their way to Cersei and The Mountain, The Hound tells Arya to get out because she will die. When Arya calls back to him as he walks away and she says “Sandor? Thank you.” My heart just dropped. I love the relationship the two of them developed throughout the show.

Best Season – Season 6

Season 6 was absolutely insane and far and away the best of the show. It also produced my absolute favorite episode of the series.

Best Episode – The Winds of Winter (6.10) 

The roof blew off the show in this episode. So many great plot points such as Cersei establishing herself as a complete bitch blowing up the Sept ending the Tyrells and High Sparrow. Jon becomes KING IN THE NORTH which meant we got a biblical speech from Lyanna Mormont.

Best Villain – Ramsay Bolton

Being oddly charming and a downright loose cannon, Ramsay is everything you want in a villain. He is arrogant and sadistic and every thing he does, he makes you hate him so much.

Best Hero – Jon Snow 

The best hero is the one who doesn’t need the title. You can count on Jon to do the right thing and fight tooth and nail for the right cause every single time.

Game of Thrones MVP – Danaerys of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons

No matter what anyone says, this show really began and ended with the rise and fall of Dany. As we all know, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. For 6 and a half seasons, she did her best to right the wrongs of others. Somewhere along the way as she gained more power, power creates tyranny. She wanted to use that power to break the wheel, but ultimately she just became another part of the wheel. However, she did break the wheel…by dying. RIP Dany.



2 responses to “The Final Watch: Game of Thrones Awards”

  1. Kurt Hebert Avatar
    Kurt Hebert

    I cannot disagree on some of this enough. Bran taking the throne was the cop out. It was there attempt at shock and awe and fell flat so people are justifying the omnipotent God king that will now rule. Knowing all also means you can control it all. That ending dissipated any version of free will in this universe by giving all power to bran that set all into motion to win the throne.

    Sansa becoming queen and declaring independence should have set off a civil war and arya the explorer is such a spin off set up it’s not funny.

    Comparing this show to how I met your mother and others is not a good argument. This show showed a distinct higher quality throughout its run and set much much higher expectations. We all knew there wouldn’t be enough show and something would be missed but what we got was just rushed and not to the standard that was set by the previous seasons.


    1. Michael Hotard Avatar

      What would you have done with the ending?

      Everyone wanted to be shocked and awed because that’s what the series has done. Everything from Season 1 foreshadowed where the show ended up. Bran also gave Tyrion free run and he formed the small council of a bunch of cast offs. The new world was run by the crippled and broken, the same people who were looked down upon the entire series. The Starks finally earned their freedom. Everyone in deliberation was looked at as an outcast and ultimately wanted a better world than the wheel was giving.

      I compared it other iconic shows such as Dexter and The Sopranos as well. Yes it did and I mentioned how the final season was rushed. Despite that, the ending still made sense on many levels. The show in it’s entirety, the floor was much higher than the ceiling of most other shows. Season 7 was also somewhat rushed and I wasn’t watching when it originally aired, so I wonder if that season also received some sort of criticism.


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