What’s up guys! Happy Friday. I was coming up with an idea for a get to know me column for the lifestyle section since I relaunched the blog. Plus I don’t know about you but I love taking surveys. So I decided to do one.

Light and Casual

All Time Favorite Movie: The Godfather

I never watched the Godfather Trilogy until two years ago maybe and I missed out. It is easily the best trilogy ever made. While the debate remains on whether or not the best is Part I or II, I loved Vito Corleone and seeing the fall of him and the rise of Michael.

Cat or Dog Person: Cat

All my life I had dogs and didn’t really understand cats, until my wife and I bought one in October of 2015. Since purchasing Benny, I discovered they are majestic beasts who give absolutely zero fucks about anything. Team cat all the way.

Do You Play Any Sports: Basketball & Flag Football

I grew up playing baseball and did so until I reached the cut off age for my parish league. Upon entering college, my roommate was a massive basketball fan who played 5-6 hours per day. Although I sucked, I did the same. It didn’t take very long to fall in love with the sport. Since then, it has become my favorite sport overall. I still enjoy the occasional pick up flag football. But, obviously the dream is to get scouted in beer league basketball.

All Time Favorite Band: Panic! At The Disco

The last two albums by Panic! have been absolute gold. Once Brendon Urie basically became a one man band, game over. Although I enjoyed them in high school very much, they were never Top 5 for me. In more recent years, I have been hooked.

What Famous Person Would You Want To Be Best Friends With: Brendon Urie

Speaking of Urie, dude is a god. I saw Panic! in concert a few months back and holy crap what a performance. From him just being an absolute killer on stage, the dude’s vocal range is unreal. I love that what you see is what you get with him. He is unbelievable and on top of that, he just looks like a lot of fun to be around.

Which Fictional TV/Movie Character Would You Want To Marry: Topanga Lawrence, Boy Meets World 

Was there really another option?

What Is Your Favorite Line From A Song:
Secret Crowds, Angels and Airwaves
If I had my own world
I’d build you an empire 
From here to the far lands 
To spread love like violence

Even though we can all hope and pray that our world someday evolves into utopian planet, it will never ever happen. Human errors will always be a factor. That being said, those lyrics speak because I do wonder about the future of my child/future children and grandchildren. Although I have hope society will continue to move forward, there will always be violence. There will always be hate.

If You Could Teach A Subject in School, What Would It Be: PE

I would teach PE for the simple fact it was the only class I typically passed easily. I was a very average student. Although history or civics wouldn’t be outside of a subject matter I would love to dive into with younger people, I still have a deep passion for sports and their history.

Favorite Quote: “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing…that it was all started by a mouse.” -Walt Disney

This Walt Disney quote will forever be my number one. No matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas can change the world. There is so much value and meaning behind this quote that I could probably write 2,000 words on it. I will keep it simple today. Some of the biggest ideas start with the simplest things. Here we are decades later and Mickey Mouse is still the centerpiece of one of the biggest empires in modern history. We may not be having this conversation if Walt Disney didn’t take the advice of his wife and change the mouse’s name to Mickey from Mortimer (who became the villain). A simple idea turned into a mega one. The other significance I find important is to never forget where you came from and how you came to be. We live in a society of people who fake it until they make it and when they do, they feed lines of crap for how they got there. They don’t tell you the full story from struggles or maybe the skin in the game before prosperity. I think those things are important and should never be left out. Because when they are, people lose their way.

Dig A Little Deeper

What Is Your Favorite Childhood Memory: Pick Up Tackle Football

Although I can still get my fix with flag, I miss blindsiding people and also going for the ankles. People used to get pissed. Like what was 140 lbs of me really going to do aiming high?

What Is Your Myers Briggs: ENTP – A

I wear this as a badge of honor. The ENTP is a debater. I love debating. It’s a thrill for me. I love proving people wrong and I love when people can prove me wrong. I love learning new ideas and exploring concepts.

Do You Like Social Media or Think It Is Ruining Society: Love Social Media

Considering my current career is centered around the existence of social media, I am going with the former here. I don’t think society is being ruined. I think people just need to do their due diligence, be respectful and make sure the information they get is accurate.

What Is The Best Gift You Ever Received: Jersey Boys Tickets

My wife got us tickets to see Jersey Boys on our one year anniversary. I have been a big fan of the story and music, but never had an opportunity to see the play. I wasn’t sure what to expect for my gift with it being paper. After mentioning it in passing months and months ago, I open my gift in complete shock and excitement. It didn’t disappoint.

Are You Good At Debates: Yes

My personality type says so.

What Is The Title of The Story of Your Life: The Asshole With Good Intentions

A buddy of mine told me this in college and it always stuck with me. I also think it is a fairly accurate statement. I tend to be blunt and say what is on my mind but I also look out for those close to me.

What Annoys You Most About People: Not Fact Checking Their Opinions

You have a world of information at your fingertips. Stop sharing inaccurate memes and believe every damn thing you read and hear that serves your own self serving bias.

Keep Digging

What Is Your Biggest Childhood Fear: Not Being Accepted/Fear of Ridicule

I was terrified of being made fun of. Now I do enough of that on my own. I am not going to pretend to be some bullied kid. I got along, but damn if I didn’t try to hide or try hard to be a clown.

What Is Your Biggest Regret In Life: Going to College For Journalism

Student loans for a degree I don’t use…yay. It is not a total lost cause, but I wouldn’t mind having that money back to explore other options.

What Keeps You Up At Night: Future Possibilities

My mind tends to be most active at night. I constantly think about what is and what could be. Although I am willing to work toward my short term goals because of the significance for the long term, the latter is constantly on my mind.

What Is Something You Have Strong Opinions About: Media Coverage v The People,

I have fairly strong opinion about everything. The reason I mention media coverage versus the people is because too many people are ignorant as to how the media operates. At the same time, the media has stockholders that they have to appease. I do believe the media should be fair. However, I don’t think the media has an obligation to stay in the middle. If every media entity stayed in the middle, it would create a sameness among coverage. When you do that, you limit the marketplace of ideas. That is not something I am willing to compromise in any capacity. However, it requires a little due diligence from people to separate the truth versus someone else’s version of the truth. We certainly don’t do it as much as we should on a societal level. As a society, we slap labels on media entities we don’t agree with as fake news. It is not fake. It is angled. Yes, there may be some lying at times in order to push narratives. But the phrase is used anytime someone from the left hears the right’s take and when the right hears the left’s take. Fake would be The Onion. The part that drives me nuts is the fact the people who scream about fake news, snowflakes and all the other crutch words are usually the most guilty of it themselves.




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