Holy freaking shit!

Woj tweeted the Pels landed JJ Redick and to be honest, I can’t handle it. He can space the floor. He gives them a shooter NOLA hasn’t seen since Peja Stojakovic. He is a veteran who can establish a good locker room presence and attitude. I freaking love it.

Since Anthony Davis said he wanted out, it was the best thing to happen for this organization.

They wasted many years failing to build around him because they didn’t have the right front office personnel. You had Saints GM Mickey Loomis on the payroll and he literally said he doesn’t do anything.

The Pelicans have been an afterthought and an underachieving dumpster fire for years. Not anymore.

I love basketball more than any other sport and it isn’t even close. Having a solid franchise in my backyard gives me a mental erection.

I say this as respectful as I can because he was a person who had a family and people that loved and respected him. I don’t know what was happening, but Tom Benson passing and leaving it to Gayle may be the best thing to happen to the Pelicans. That feels wrong to say, but it is beyond a shred of truth.

Gayle has come in like a boss, guns blazing and cleaning house and making a splash hiring David Griffin which led to getting others like Aaron Nelson, Trajan Langdon and Swin Cash (who is going full savage on Twitter). She made the Pels a priority in becoming competent.

Of course they didn’t bend on the Davis deal and bent the Lakers over a barrel that leaves them in a bind if AD/LeBron and whoever else doesn’t work. They of course lucked out landing Zion and made other great moves in the draft. Read my take on that here…Hotard Huddle Draft Review. 

Now the first big move of Free Agency includes a great signing with JJ Redick for 2 years on 26 million.

I, for one, am excited because I have been saying if you want a shooter who won’t break your bank, grab JJ. They did. I am huge fan of his game and the fact he now plays in NOLA is awesome so forgive me for fanboying out a bit.

This isn’t the same organization who is signing guys like Solomon Hill and trading for bad contracts like Amir Asik. In fact, it was reported they went into the offseason with no intention of signing any 4 year deals. That tells me one thing, they’re building a future. They’re playing the long game. Something we haven’t seen them do for as long as I can remember since the former Hornets moved to New Orleans.

They continue to impress and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for free agency. As it sits now, this is a quick look at the roster.

PG – Lonzo Ball
SG – Jrue Holiday
SF – Brandon Ingram
PF – Zion Williamson
C – Jahlil Okafor

JJ Redick
Josh Hart
Jaxson Hayes
Nickeil Alexander Walker

It is hard for me to not fanboy right now. I am usually level headed when it comes to local teams, but then again when the media has a tendency to freak over Solomon Hill, there isn’t much room for comparison. Maybe take this with a grain a salt. Maybe take it to the bank. But damn it, if I am not excited about the Pels now.

I am a bit front runner in sports. I am not ashamed to say that. Much like any other business, if you want my time and attention, entertain me. I never wished ill on the Pels, but I have never been overly excited. That has changed since Gayle Benson took over. They are playing the long game. They seem to have a plan in place to get this organization in a better place.

I am more excited about the Pels now than I have been about any other sports team or franchise that I can think of. The new era is now.

Even if they win 35 games this season, this is going to be the most exciting 35 win team I have ever seen.

Let’s Dance!

Other Thoughts in Free Agency Thus Far

Brooklyn Nets – You may as well change your mascot to the Charmin Bear. If you’re banking on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to be your guys, you have two Robins who are mentally soft. Ultra Soft.

New York Knicks – You entire fan base is probably one poor decision away from being put in the looney bin. James Dolan, keep doing you bro.

Boston Celtics – You dump Kyrie for Kemba Walker. You get a W this offseason. You get a guy who may not be as explosive on offense but you get a guy who is team oriented and will give you both ends of the floor.

Dallas Mavericks – PorzinGOD and Luka show begins now. Let’s GO!



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