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Hotard Huddle Podcast Coming Soon

My last podcasting venture and project fell flatter than a pancake due to scheduling constraints with my co-hosts. Adulting is hard bro.

But since relaunching Hotard Huddle, of course a podcast will be involved. Now almost all of my previous podcasts revolved around the world of sports, but I want to do something different this time.

The “Hotard Huddle Podcast” will be centered around not just me but a guest of my choosing. I don’t want to just get on my soapbox about topics. I want to give others an opportunity for some self promotion and fun conversations.

Inside the Huddle

Each episode will begin with me diving into a solo topic on whatever the hell I feel like talking about because it is my show. Of course, suggestions are always welcome. That will last 5-7 minutes.

Huddle Up

The main premise of every episode will be an interview with a friend where we talk about their business and what they are doing. I want to give my friends an opportunity to promote their business because I love seeing my friends succeed. Even if only 12 people listen, that is 12 more people that may have not heard of them or what they do. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and I want to use it.

In addition, we will banter back and forth about various topics that can range from lifestyle, entertainment, sports, politics and more.

No Huddle Offense

To wrap up each episode, I will do a speed round rapid firing through five relevant or not so relevant topics that coincide with my blog. The topics will include sports, lifestyle and entertainment. The final segment will range anywhere from 2-3 minutes.

Launch Date

The first episode comes out August 1st! Stay tuned.

I am hoping to release episodes on the 1st of every month. Possibly on the 15th of every month depending on time constraints.

Where To Tune In

All of the podcasts will be released in audio form on Anchor, iTunes and Spotify. All of the videos will be released on Facebook.

I hope you all enjoy them and if you have any suggestions on topics. Send an email to hotardhuddle@gmail.com.





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