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NFL Predictions for All 32 Team in 2019

Unlike the Top 10 QBs last year, I did get around to doing my full predictions for the NFL including divisional standings, playoff seeding and Super Bowl winner. Last year had plenty of monumental moments including Patrick Mahomes lighting the NFL on fire with 5,000 yards and 50 TDs. We saw one of the biggest missed calls in NFL Playoffs history. Some things never change as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick won another Super Bowl together. Here are my picks for 2019.

AFC East

  • New England Patriots 12-4

Analysis: Tom Brady. Bill Belichick. What more do you need to know? 

  • New York Jets 8-8

Analysis: Adam Gase outperformed with a bad Dolphins roster. I don’t hate the Jets hiring him. I still think they need a few more pieces to the puzzle and for Brady and Belichick to leave, but I do believe the Jets are in good hands moving forward. 

  • Buffalo Bills 6-10

Analysis: I think the Bills stay put with the same record as last year thanks to playing in a division with the Patriots and an improved Jets team. Plus Josh Allen is still very raw. I do think his athleticism is intriguing and I am curious to see if he develops over the next few seasons. 

  • Miami Dolphins 3-13

Analysis: I predicted Miami to be worse last year and they weren’t. I considered that a testament to Adam Gase. Brian Flores is an intriguing choice. He is yet another coach taken from under Bill Belichick. The roster just isn’t that good. 

AFC North

  • Cleveland Browns 11-5

Analysis: Team Baker all the way. This roster added a lot of talent. Now of course you’re either all in or all out on them. The hype train rolled and that can be a lot to deal with. I believe in this team and holding the big personalities in check because I think Baker Mayfield may be the best QB in terms of leadership. I don’t like Freddie Kitchens being hired, but I trust Baker. 

  • Pittsburgh Steelers 8-8

Analysis: I can see them winning 11 and I can see them winning 7. I will go with dead even at 8-8. I just don’t trust Big Ben anymore. That defense is spotty at best.

  • Baltimore Ravens 6-10

Analysis: Lamar Jackson can’t throw. The Chargers put safeties in the box in the playoffs and they offense couldn’t move. Get something better than a high school offense. The defense lost too many pieces. 

  • Cincinatti Bengals 4-12

Analysis: They’re chasing the next Sean McVay. It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off for them. 

AFC South

  • Indianapolis Colts 13-3

Analysis: Andrew Luck finally has an offensive line to protect him. When healthy, Andrew Luck has 4 winning seasons all with 10+ wins. I think that train keeps rolling. 

  • Houston Texans 9-7

Analysis: I don’t like the fact that Deshaun Watson was sacked 62 times last season. Luckily for them, he can make plays with his feet and he doesn’t commit a ton of turnovers which plays right into a solid defense. 

  • Tennesse Titans 8-8

Analysis: I am curious to see what happens in year 2 with Mike Vrabel and Marcus Mariota. Personally, I am not a believer. In a division with Watson and Luck, I am going with them. 

  • Jacksonville Jaguars 4-12

Analysis: Bless their hearts. 

AFC West

  • Kansas City Chiefs 11-5

Analysis: Patrick Freaking Mahomes. Although I think he takes a step down this year, he will still be one of the top guys. When you set the bar so high, it makes it hard to live up. 

  • Los Angeles Chargers 11-5

Analysis: If Melvin Gordon continues to hold out, no worries. You shouldn’t pay him what he is asking plus Austin Ekeler is absolutely serviceable. Top to bottom, the roster doesn’t have many weak spots and they had a few key injuries last year. 

  • Oakland Raiders 6-10

Analysis: Too much noise. 

  • Denver Broncos 4-12

Analysis: I know it is only one game, but Drew Lock looked like shit and Joe Flacco has seen better days. The defense will be good enough to keep them in many games especially at home. I don’t trust their offense to do anything. 

NFC East

  • Philadelphia Eagles 11-5

Analysis: A fully healthy Wentz and a healthy offensive line could mean the Eagles become dominant once again. 

  • Dallas Cowboys 10-6

Analysis: There is a ton of noise surrounding the Cowboys and the contract situation of Ezekiel Elliot. I think the Cowboys need Zeke more than he needs them. It is not usually the case that I will say that about a running back in today’s NFL. 

  • Washington Redskins 5-11

Analysis: I think it is safe to say they are in a rebuilding process. I can’t see them topping either of the two above. 

  • New York Giants 2-14

Analysis: Dumpster. Fire. 

NFC North

  • Green Bay Packers 12-4

Analysis: Where there is smoke, there is fire. The Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy alleged drama has been going on for quite some time. I think a change of scenery at head coach will likely do the veteran Rodgers some good here. 

  • Chicago Bears 11-5

Analysis: Can Mitchell Trubisky take another step up this year? If so, pair him with the defense in Chicago, there is no way this team doesn’t make the postseason. 

  • Minnesota Vikings 9-7

Analysis: The offensive line sucks and Dalvin Cook couldn’t stay healthy. However, the fact Kirk Cousins is 4-26 against teams with winning records scares me. I loved Kirk Cousins and thought he would be the answer they needed up north. Not so much. New year, same story. 

  • Detroit Lions 5-11

Analysis: I feel the same about them as I do about Tennessee. They unfortunately have Matt Stafford who is a very middle of the road QB in a division with Rodgers, Trubisky plus defense and Cousins plus defense. 

NFC South

  • Atlanta Falcons 13-3

Analysis: I said this out loud before a wedding in a bar recently, whoops. I watched them a bunch last year because of fantasy. The offense is a well oiled machine even with a sub standard offensive line. They went all in to fix that. The defense lost Ricardo Allen, Keanu Neal and Deion Jones early last season. That defense shouldn’t be nearly as bad. 

  • New Orleans Saints 9-7

Analysis: The Saints roster is great, but I believe Drew Brees hits the wall this year. He looked awful after Week 12 last year. He had abysmal games against the Vikings and Giants early on. Age is certainly playing a factor. We have seen it before with Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. One year you have and the next, you’re done. Consider that my bold prediction for 2019. 

  • Carolina Panthers 8-8

Analysis: Much like Brees, Newton looked like total dog shit and the Panthers shut him down because of an injury. I watched him against the Saints literally throw every pass within 10 yards of the line. How healthy is he? If he is, he knows how to win. This is one of the teams I am most intrigued to see in 2019. 

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-10

Analysis: They should be better with a much more suitable coaching staff, but they still have Jameis Winston. I don’t trust him at all especially in a division with 3 QBs who at their peak are all top 10. 

NFC West

  • Seattle Seahawks 10-6

Analysis: Seattle looked much better last year than 2 years ago. The defense is decent and they have a run game they can rely on again. At the end of the day, Russell Wilson has never had a losing record and I trust him ten fold. 

  • Los Angeles Rams 10-6

Analysis: They went all in last year and it didn’t pay off. They lost a few pieces and added a few who have seen better days with vets like Clay Matthews and Eric Weddle. I think the defense takes a small step back, but they still have Wade Phillips who may be the best DC of all time. They also have Sean McVay obviously. They just need to hope Todd Gurley can stay healthy as well as Cooper Kupp. 

  • San Francisco 49ers 8-8

Analysis: Jimmy G went down early last year so it is hard to judge what this team could be. I like what John Lynch has done as GM. It all falls on the shoulders of the QB though. 

  • Arizona Cardinals 3-13

Analysis: Meh. 

Playoff Predictions

1. Indianapolis Colts
2. New England Patriots
3. Cleveland Browns
4. Kansas City Chiefs
5. Los Angeles Chargers
6. Houston Texans

1. Atlanta Falcons
2. Green Bay Packers
3. Philadelphia Eagles
4. Seattle Seahawks
5. Chicago Bears
6. Los Angeles Rams

Wildcard Round

Cleveland Browns def. Houston Texans
Kansas City Chiefs def. Los Angeles Chargers

Philadelphia Eagles def. Los Angeles Rams
Chicago Bears def. Seattle Seahawks

Divisional Round

New England Patriots def. Cleveland Browns
Indianapolis Colts def. Kansas City Chiefs

Green Bay Packers def. Philadelphia Eagles
Atlanta Falcons def. Chicago Bears

Conference Championships

New England Patriots def. Indianapolis Colts
Atlanta Falcons def. Green Bay Packers

Super Bowl

Atlanta Falcons def. New England Patriots


2 responses to “NFL Predictions for All 32 Team in 2019”

  1. Vito Avatar

    Really packers winning the division


    1. Michael Hotard Avatar

      Aaron Rodgers has 2 losing seasons as a starter. Fresh face for a coach, I’m not banking on him to lose yet. Trubisky is still young and makes a lot of mistakes. If he takes even a single step back this year, that’s trouble.


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