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Have Fun and the Rest Will Come

Like most people, I have my ups and downs in life, relationships, work and everything in between. I am usually level headed and have a good grasp on reality. Lately, I have been dealing with my own issues, mainly anger.

One of the biggest enjoyments I have for myself outside of family and work is sports. My adrenaline goes. I forget about any stress. I have a good time. I am your run of the mill dad playing sports. It is a small step above beer league basically. I am not a has been nor wash out. I am a never was.

I was never a hot shot athlete growing up. I played recreationally and when things became too serious playing with schools, I folded like a lawn chair. I played like shit. I wasn’t happy because of that. It became less fun.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t still love or enjoy the world of sports. They have always been an escape for me.

Lately, it hasn’t been fun. I play flag football on Sunday with all my buddies. Although it is pick up, it feels much more like a league because of how competitive it is. Two weeks ago, I was being an absolute cunt on the field. I was pissed at the people I am playing with and I wasn’t communicating why. Part of that stems from a lot of outside noise, mainly work issues for the last couple of months. It has since been resolved.

For the last six weeks, I have my own company up and running and it is an awesome feeling. After that game two weeks ago, one of my best friends and I had a long conversation about it. He knows how pissed I have been getting when we play sports. When I say pissed, I mean pure silent rage. I implode and I tune it all out. As a result, it wasn’t fun for me or anyone on my team.

After having the conversation with him two weeks ago, I poured all the bad juju out and I am back to having fun. Sports, life and relationships should be fun. Of course bumps in the road always come, but you can’t let it overtake you like I did. It is a shitty feeling.

The last two weeks, I have changed my mindset and just remember that it is only a game and to have fun. What a world of a difference it makes. The last two weeks, I have played some of my best ball in a long time.

For flag, I play quarterback for our team. I am fairly crafty with getting the ball where it needs to be and spreading it around. People can vouch that I look off my receivers well to get people out of positions, very Pat Mahomes like. Where my game falls short is my arm strength. Typically, the ball I throw starts dying beyond 25 yards with a 35 yard max. Last week, I slung 4 balls which traveled 45 or more yards for TDs. Damn, if it didn’t feel good.

We had two games in a row for basketball this week. Following my flag game, I had a game Monday and Tuesday. I finished both of those games with a decent scoring output. Tuesday, I was hitting the ocean from 3 and my shot felt a way I haven’t felt in 5 or 6 years. Most importantly, as a team we balled and got the dub.

I contribute all that to forgetting about the noise, forgetting about winning and losing and just going out there to have fun. I feel better at home with my wife and kid. I feel better with my job.

Since I switched gears and made a point to have some fun, I have landed two new clients at work. I feel like I have been more present with my family. I don’t care nearly as much about small things that shouldn’t cloud my head. The train just continues to roll down the track.

Sometimes we just need to reset. Whatever you are passionate about or enjoy, do it for that and that alone. Have some fun and the rest falls into place.





4 responses to “Have Fun and the Rest Will Come”

  1. The Sportsnutt Avatar

    Thanks for sharing brother. I went through an asshole phase in my twenties where I would throw my softball glove, slam the bat on the ground, or get T’d up in city league hoops. I outgrew that when my son was old enough to watch me play. I didn’t want to continue to act like a douche in front of him. Having fun and setting an example became way more important for me. But it took a little time.

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    1. Michael Hotard Avatar

      I think we all do at a certain point! We just let outside shit cloud our fun and judgement. Dude, you’re preaching to the choir. Definitely don’t want my little dude to see that either.


      1. The Sportsnutt Avatar

        It was so much more fun when I quit taking it so seriously. And, like you, I performed better!

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      2. Michael Hotard Avatar

        Amazing how that happens man!


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