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It is STILL a Great Time To Be A Colonel! (All Hail the Great Tim Rebowe)

For the past three football seasons, I have written columns pumping sunshine up Tim Rebowe and the Nicholls Colonels bung holes. I am back to do that again once again because it can’t be done enough.

It is remarkable how quick he was able to turn around a complete dumpster fire of a program. Historically, Nicholls has been a dumpster fire. But I still loved that dumpster fire.

I spent four years working for the football program doing video for practices and games. I loved every second of it win or lose. Unfortunately, it was mainly losses.

I worked as a videographer from 2010-2013 and the Colonel record was 10-35 during that period. For the record, I think the world of former Head Coach Charlie Stubbs because he was good to me. I think he was genuine man who just wasn’t the right fit for an afterthought program of south Louisiana where football rules all.

On November 14, 2014, Nicholls made THE best decision in program history hiring Tim Rebowe as their new head coach. I immediately called my buddy who played for him at ULL and we talked about how massive of a hire it was. The second I heard his name floating around, I knew it would be a great decision.

If there is something to be said about Nicholls, it doesn’t recruit itself like other schools in the state. It takes someone who understands the close knit community of the university. He knows that because he previously coached there and his brother, Rusty, was an All-American linebacker for Nicholls. He also grew up in another small community known as Norco, LA.

So he gets it. He has recruited from within his own backyard given that Louisiana has some of the best football talent in the country. It is a major pipeline to have and he is using it. He helped shift a losing culture into a winning one. I wrote an actual article in 2016 getting quotes from employees within the athletic program.

One of the quotes that stuck out to me about him is he hates “energy vampires.” He uses that term for people who suck the positivity away. I love that! Because again, it was a school with a losing tradition that embodies that exact attitude.

The key word is was. That time is done. That time is over. No more. Nicholls has dropped the losing record and losing attitude.

In the four years under Tim Rebowe, their record is 25-22 and 22-14 in Southland play. They have played in the FCS playoffs two years in a row bolstering a 1-2 playoff record. Both losses were close and hard fought. They are competing. That marks the first time in school history with consecutive playoff appearances.

Not only have they done well in the FCS, they have put their chips on the table and said all in against the big dogs.

Part of Rebowe’s losing record includes a close loss to the SEC’s Georgia Bulldogs (26-24), another close loss to Sun Belt’s South Alabama (41-40 OT) and a (24-14) loss at Texas A&M.

Side note, the loss against A&M included a field goal with 18 seconds on the clock after Kevin Sumlin decided to try and run up the score with a pass on third down so it could look better than it was. What a loser. I am glad you got fired you dunce.

Last year, Nicholls upset the Big 12’s Kansas Jayhawks in a 26-23 OT thriller. The point differential between Nicholls and FBS schools over the past two years is minus 10. I would say that is pretty big deal.

Heading in to 2019, the Colonels find themselves in a position we are not used to seeing. That is being the favorites to win the Southland Conference once again. I can’t wait to see how 2019 unfolds. They proved that 2017 wasn’t a fluke and did even better in 2018. I hope they once again put any haters to sleep with another great year.

From someone who couldn’t care less about college football, win or lose they give me a reason to care. I will always follow them closely because I love the fact my degree comes from Nicholls. I hang my hat with pride for their athletic department because of my time with them. It is even sweeter and more fulfilling with those guys putting together victories.

Get the swords ready for battle tomorrow with Kansas State! Show the college football world what the Colonels are all about once again.

No Colonel column would be complete without a list of Tim Rebowe facts…

10. Tim Rebowe has a grizzly bear rug in his office. The bear isn’t dead. He is just terrified to move. 

9.  Tim Rebowe was once bitten by a cobra. After 7 days of excruciating pain, the cobra died. 

8. (From a close source) – Tim Rebowe once took a casual bike ride on vacation and ended up winning the Tour de France. 

7.  In 3rd grade english, Tim Rebowe’s teacher asked for a 1,000 word essay on courage. Tim Rebowe just turned in a blank page with his name at the top. Tim Rebowe received an A+. 

6. When Bruce Banner gets mad, he turns into The Hulk. When Tim Rebowe gets mad, run.  

5. Tim Rebowe has no middle name because nothing gets between Tim Rebowe. 

4. Nicholls State University considered naming an intersection Tim Drive and Rebowe Road. That was until they realized no one crosses Tim Rebowe and lives to tell the story. 

3. Tim Rebowe is a multi sport athlete. He once bowled a perfect game with a marble. 

2. Brett Favre can throw a football 50 yards under water. Tim Rebowe can throw Brett Favre even further. 

1. Tim Rebowe’s computer doesn’t have a backspace button because Tim Rebowe doesn’t make mistakes. 

God bless. Go Colonels and make things happen again in 2019. It is a great time to be a damn Colonel. Let’s fucking goooooo!


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