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Disney Cruise and Disney World with my 2-Year-Old Spawn

It is no secret my wife and I are Disney dorks ten fold. Last year, we made the first of hopefully many trips with our tiny human shortly after his first trip around the sun.

We experienced a couple of Disney firsts including seeing the magical world through the eyes of our own child. We also saw the transition from Fall to Christmas which is something we have always wanted to see.

This year we decided to do our first cruise ever. It was only fitting that we went with one Disney style. It was magical.

How do they do everything so damn well? Seriously! How?!?

I have worked in an industry where customer service matters. I had my good days and bad. But Disney doesn’t seem to have bad days. I have never had an unpleasant experience with their cast members.

Since we were 15, my wife and I have taken 12 trips to the most magical place on Earth. That is 12 trips in 13 years. The bus certainly isn’t stopping there. We love it which is why we keep going back. It is a second home for us. It is a place of magic where you are treated like royalty. We are 100% addicted.

Before venturing off on our first cruise, we arrived a day early at All Star Movies and got our traditional Disney Springs fix in. We ate at Chicken Guy which was fantastic. I can’t remember the number, but the sauce with cilantro, lime and garlic…bomb.com.

I also found a funko three piece set of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer Bear…that is a dub.

Then came the cruise. Same story at sea. Another magical experience.

The cast members who served us were fantastic. Sebastian and Liv made sure we were taken care of every meal. And most importantly, they made sure little man was happy.

The food was phenomenal. I had a lobster ravioli and a chicken and apple salad with a sweet and tangy dressing that hit harder than a bag of bricks. Those were the two dishes I remember most.

The buffet food was just as good as the quick service meals in Disney. So we ate well. Of course I filled up every morning on Mickey Waffles with strawberry compote because that is what you do.

As for the destinations, we stopped at the Bahamas. We had booked a spot at a pool and beach outside of a hotel only to turn around once we got there because we realized we left our money. It took us about 45 minutes to make the walk in total so we decided screw it and stayed on board once we got back. We took our dude to the splash pad on the ship, which he loved. No biggie. Plus he got to catch up on some sleep after.

Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island) was dope. We spent the day at the beach. The weather was perfect with a slight overcast for the most part. The water was even better and absolutely breath taking with a greenish blue shade.

After four days at sea, we took another three days to enjoy our favorite place in the world.

We stayed at Coronado Springs which we haven’t done since senior year of high school. Never again. It is a beautiful resort, but much too big for my taste. Plus we were spoiled with our last two trips at Magic Kingdom resorts (The Contemporary and The Polynesian, my favorite).

For all you Star Wars nerds out there, Galaxy’s Edge will knock your socks off. Hoooooly shit! Everything looks amazing.

We were able to ride Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. I was fortunate enough to be selected as gunner of THE Millennium Falcon, while the wifey was one of the pilots. I logged over 1200 kills, no big deal. The other guy who was also a gunner only managed 723.

It is much like Mission Space at Epcot in terms of interaction. The ride commands you with what to do and you do it. However, your performance actually matters. The ride itself is much like a combination of Star Tours and Flights of Passage. If you like those, you are sure to like this new addition.

A quick tip for you. If the line is long, do single rider. It is a six seat ride so you shouldn’t be waiting too long.

Another awesome hype right now about Galaxy’s Edge is the Milk. Try it! We got the Green Milk and it was amazing. They have the Green and Blue option. The Green is more citrus flavored while the Blue is berry. It is a lot like a slushy and yogurt mixed into one. It almost tasted like a semi frozen yogurt! Real good.

The best part of the trip was watching our bubbly two year old meet his favorite characters. You never know what to expect. He did so well last year so I hoped it was much of the same.

He absolutely adores Pooh Bear (who doesn’t!). When he met him, he bursted with excitement and started flailing his hands and laughing maniacally. It was the most adorable fucking thing I have ever seen. I almost cried at how excited he was.

He also loved meeting Vamperina (Nina), Tigger, Woody and of course Mickey! It makes us so happy that our little dude is sharing the love for a place we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Lastly, we have been playing Boo To You (Mickey’s Not Scary Halloween Party Parade Theme) nonstop for months. One…because we love the song. Two…because we want him to know it. He loves it and will scream “To You” when he wants to hear it. When it came time for him to see our favorite parade in person, he was mesmerized. That was awesome watching his face stare intently despite being exhausted due to the late hour.

Of course Disney comes with meltdowns, frustration and anger at times. Who cares though? The trade off of the magic and smiles supersedes that by a million. It is always worth the price of admission.



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