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Tuesday Not So Morning NFL Thoughts Heading into Week 4

I wanted to get back at it hot and heavy this week after being out on vacation. However, life had other plans. My poor little human has been under the weather with hand foot and mouth. So dad has been pressing pause on some stuff. I did want to address some NFL takes as the season is in full swing. I guess I will start with the local takes pertaining to the hometown New Orleans Saints…

Teddy Bridgewater 

Teddy Bridgewater is everything he has always been. He is a top tier back up quarterback who can fill the void when needed. He wasn’t great. He wasn’t bad. He was very average. That is ok. He did his job by not turning the ball over and winning the field position battle. As a result, the Saints handed the Seahawks their first September loss at home under Pete Carroll. If you hold him to the standard of Brees and say he is garbage, that is a you problem. Brees is a top 5-7 QB of all time and a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Dallas @ Saints

If there is one thing I know about the Who Dat Nation, they hate the Cowboys. That being said, all you people who think the game will be a cake walk, buckle the hell up. This game is the only one of the 6 that Brees is expected to miss that could potentially end in a complete skull dragging.

DaLlAs HaS NoT pLaYeD AnYoNe.

First off, this is the NFL. There are no gimmes. The league is nothing but parity. The reality is yes Dallas has had some inferior teams thus far. However, they have completely obliterated them all. Redskins scored a late garbage time TD to make that look closer. Slow your roll. Don’t overlook them. Saints have a recent history of doing that.

Antonio Brown

I am sick of the culture of guilty until proven innocent and all the reports I have seen making him out to be some sex fiend is bullshit. I am not saying he isn’t. I am saying you have not provided substantial evidence to support the claim. It is convenient timing by the accuser considering he seems to be at a complete low point of his life.

That being said, the dude isn’t all there. He was released by the Patriots and tweeted out good vibes only to back track on that the following day. That doesn’t mean I am going to believe a witch hunt.

Innocent until proven guilty. He has proven he is emotionally unstable. He has proven he has talent and talent gets second and third chances. He has proven he squandered those chances. He is a total head case.

Until more comes out, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

Who is Mitchell Trubisky?

I have debated with multiple friends about the Chicago Bears QB because I liked what I saw last year. He is good enough. So far this year, he has two duds and a solid game against a bad team. What is he? He is in year three so I guess we will know by the end of the year. If he wants to be the starting quarterback long term, he better shape up. That roster is most certainly good enough to win now.


It really is like a bad relationship you can’t seem to let go of. Every year, my friends and I talk about why we do it to ourselves. I hung the second highest point total in my league this week, only to lose. I was reminded by time hop this morning that the same thing happened last year. I lost by less than a point. FUCK! That being said, I am 6-3 and all three teams look like they are in good shape. The league I lost in this week, I also had Saquon Barkley so that stings. That being said, I am not going to make this about me because I don’t wish injuries upon anyone. Shit sucks and I hope he gets well. Luckily for me, I have a deep roster so hopefully I can weather the storm.

Lamar Jackson

The guy is complete fools gold. He was bad against KC. Don’t let the fantasy numbers fool you. He didn’t get the wheels moving until the game was well in hand of the Chiefs. He is still the same inaccurate passer I thought he was. He was bailed out on two occasions by receivers on plays that would have ended the drive.

Dalvin Cook

For those of you who slept on him, shame on you. You are seeing full display of how freaking good he is. He is so electric and explosive to watch. We know who the most important piece of the Minnesota Vikings offense is. He is a top 5 back when healthy and he is showing that.

The Browns

Maybe a lot us, myself included, were dead wrong about them. That offense doesn’t look very good right now. I think a lot of that has to do with coaching. Baker Mayfield wanted Freddie Kitchens and he got him. The only light at the end of the tunnel is the fact they have faced Gregg Williams, Mike Vrabel and Wade Phillips defenses. It is not time to panic yet.

Patrick Mahomes

He is making the NFL look like a game of Madden, literally. He is on pace for over 6,000 yards and 50 Touchdowns (again). Normally you can expect someone to slow down, but I am really not sure with him. I waited for the peak last year and it never came. Andy Reid has a way of making bad quarterbacks average and average QBs very good. He finally has a truly elite talent at the position and look at what is happening. It is freaking remarkable. I salivate as a football fan for this guy. I can’t get enough of him.

Gardner Minshew

The end may be near for Nick Foles before it even began in Jacksonville. Minshew is every NFL fan’s man crush right now and he should be. The guy is an American hero. Everything about the guy is cool, from his style to the mustache to his poise and confidence. The dude is oozing with awesomeness. I know it sounds like I am writing a fucking love poem to the dude and it is probably because I am. The world doesn’t deserve him.

The NFL is Back

I am so happy to be in the midst of NFL season again. Football is not my favorite sport. But the NFL is my favorite league and it is not even close. Sundays are great again.



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