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NFL Week 4: Monday Not So Morning Thoughts

Here we are, week four almost in the books. One game stands between us and the conclusion. Quite frankly, I will write this today because I could not care less about Bengals and Steelers in a battle for win number one. Here are some takeaways from Week 4.


What a win for them last night. I took the Cowboys to cover because they are a damn good football team. I know people said they haven’t played anyone. First of all, it is the NFL and a league of parity. We are not talking about college here. Second, they have skull dragged everyone until they met the Saints. That being said, the Saints have been playing great thus far with Teddy Bridgewater relying on defense, clock control and field position. Spoiler alert, they’re moving up in this week’s power rankings after a huge win.

Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara 

Hear me out on this and I am not saying they are these guys because that is an impossible standard to set already. But the Saints are working with the best RB/WR duo in the NFL currently, I don’t think any other team compares.

Thomas looks just as a good as he did with Drew Brees at quarterback. It dawned on me last night who he reminds me of. Thomas is one of the most polished route runners in the league. He has a bigger or longer frame and knows how to use it. He has great hands and great body control. On top of that, his field awareness and positional awareness is off the charts. Describing him in that capacity reminds me of Terrell Owens to a tee. Of course Thomas comes without the baggage.

Meanwhile Kamara has an innate ability to make the first guy miss. He has incredible balance giving him the ability to bounce off tacklers. He turns plays that should be 2 yards into 5 or he will turn 6 yards into 16. He also happens to be a polished dual threat running back. I have said this for a while but he reminds of me of LT in those regards. LT had a way of escaping tacklers because of those same abilities.

Again, I am not saying those guys are going be the legends I mentioned because that’s a tall order but I love the potential and playing style of both. I hope they both are with the Saints for many many years to come.

Vontaze Burfict 

He is a complete moron. I am fully convinced at this point that he plays football for the sole reason of being able to assault people and not get arrested for it. How many times can he pull cheap shots before enough is enough? Well, NFL answered and suspended him for the entire season.

The guy is a scumbag and I hope if he ever plays another down someone does in fact go for a low dirty hit and take him out. Normally, I am disgusted and not wanting to see someone hurt. But, he deserves it.

Gardner Minshew or Nick Foles 

The Jags found their guy with Gardner Minshew, period. He looks damn good thus far. He makes plays he shouldn’t make. The numbers are there and he passes the eyeball test. Everyone keeps asking about the contract of Foles. Supposedly, it was constructed as a team friendly deal so that helps. We have seen this happen where backups become the guy. The most famous case is obviously Tom Brady taking over from Drew Bledsoe. Russell Wilson is another good case because the Seahawks had signed Matt Flynn to a fairly hefty deal. It is not an impossibility that Foles never suits up for the Jags as the starter when he returns.

Mike Was Wrong

I swung and missed in a big way on the Atlanta Falcons. I thought they were a team to watch out for this year. I thought the defense and offensive line would be better. The defense lost 3 key starters last year and the offense had issues up front. Those issues are still a major problem despite getting those guys back and addressing the offensive line. I thought so highly of them that I picked them to win the Super Bowl. The reality is, they are not that good. They will finish middle of the pack. I should be shamed for this and I have been by my friends. I am also willing to admit when I missed. I missed bad here. So let me have it if you would like. I deserve it. “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, strike three.” – Michael Scott

Frank Gore

When does the guy slow down? Seriously. He just became the fourth player in NFL history to reach 15,000 rushing yards. As of now, he is on pace to crack 1,000 yards for the 10th time in his long career. He is truly remarkable. I would love to see he and the Bills get a shot in the postseason.

Backup Quarterbacks

In a year plagued with injuries and oddities, the backup QBs are becoming a hot commodity and the NFL isn’t missing a beat. There are many guys around the league who have filled in and done just fine. Teddy Bridgewater is 2-0 as a starter. Chase Daniel filled in for the injured Mitchell Trubisky this week and was able to secure a win in a game against the Minnesota Vikings backed by great defense of course. Then, there is the legend of Minshew.





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