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Week 5: Monday Not So Morning Thoughts

Another week of NFL in the books. Another week of Monday Not So Morning Thoughts around the league from me.

Mason Rudolph Knocked Out 

Anytime someone complains about the NFL’s crackdown on hits delivered to defenseless players, watch the Mason Rudolph collapse this weekend. I love football and more specifically the NFL. Sure, I have watched highlight reels of bone jarring hits over the years. In fact, one was embedded on my old myspace page. That being said, I don’t like nor am I entertained by watching people’s bodies go lifeless. I sat on my couch with my hands over my mouth hoping to see some sign of movement. After the hit, you could see his body crumble before his head bounced off the turf. It is never a pretty site. Luckily, he was able to walk off the field. The Steelers looked terrified, especially Ryan Shazier. That was not a great moment during Week 5.

Washington Redskins fire Jay Gruden

To say the organization is a dumpster fire would be a massive understatement. The problems embedded in this organization extend far beyond Gruden. Everyone knew the writing was on the wall for him. I am sure their next head coach will be just as bad. Dan Snyder is a terrible owner and until he goes away, there won’t be much hope for them.

Fantasy Football Conundrum

Well here we are, it is Monday night and I hold a near 50 point lead with my defense (49ers) going against Nick Chubb. As of now, I have pulled my defense entirely. If Chubb has another monster game which he has done multiple times in his young career, then my defense could potentially get negative points. Freaking fantasy football. Assuming I win tonight, I will be 8-7 across three leagues.

Jags Excitement 

The Jags are becoming one of my favorite teams to watch. That of course stems primarily from Gardner Minshew. I thought Jags were dead in the water this season, but he has given them some life. Despite the 2-3 record, they have been very competitive in the last four games. Leonard Fournette seems to have found his mojo again as well with 333 rushing yards the last two games.

NFL Redzone in London

NFL Redzone >>> everything on Sundays during NFL season. Thanks to Sling, I get the amazing channel for $10 per month. Huge steal. London’s Tottenham Stadium streamed Redzone on their screens during the Raiders and Bears game. That is a huge win in my book. NFL, take notes.

Monday Night Football

Tonight’s game is an intriguing one. The Cleveland Browns have been inconsistent through the first four weeks. Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers sit at a surprising 3-0. I am curious to see how the Browns come out after their big win last week. As the NFL is taking shape and we are seeing teams true colors starting to show, these are two teams I am not sure what to make of. So tonight, we should get some answers.


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