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Joker: Dark, Twisted, Uncomfortable and a Must See (No Major Spoilers)


That is the first word that comes to mind when I was watching Joker. From start to finish, I literally didn’t know how to process how uncomfortable I felt throughout the movie.

You find out early on in the movie that Arthur Fleck has a condition in which he can’t process tidal waves of emotions properly. He bursts into uncontrollable laughter when he is upset or angry.

He was sitting on a bus when a child was staring at him from the seat in front of him. He was making goofy faces causing the child to laugh and seem enjoy the company. However, the child’s mother rudely exclaims to stop bothering her child when it was the child who initiated the point of contact. Arthur tried to apologize and just bursted into laughter and couldn’t stop. The crowd was staring and didn’t know what to think. Quite frankly, neither did I. He pulls out a card handing it to the mother which explained his condition.

From there, many moments followed that led to him going mad essentially. The movie did a fantastic job taking us through the journey of mental and emotional instability to downright madness. I thought the movie did a great job building from the moments and backstory leading to the climax. The climax itself was one for the ages.

Overall, I felt uncomfortable but entertained throughout the entire movie. It had a great story and kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to see what happened next. I also think it did a great job of flirting with the line of balance. I don’t think the movie condemned Arthur, but I also don’t think it glamorized him and his madness. It simply showed the events that led to it.

Joaquin Phoenix absolutely destroyed it in this film. If he doesn’t win an award for best actor for this, that would be the real tragedy of this movie.

Joker is an absolute must see.

Message For the Critics 

Lately, you have probably been seeing posts of people walking out in disgust. I am tired of the PC police and SJWs when it comes to entertainment. Nothing proceeding the release of Joker said it was a good wholesome movie. The words dark and twisted were two of the most common words I saw to describe it. So why on Earth would you go in and expect it to be different? Only to walk out and be faux mad about it.

Entertainment isn’t always supposed to be informative nor paint the exact truths of real life. After all, it is about Batman’s (a superhero vigilante) biggest villain. Of course all the negativity stems from the scare messages about the movie inciting violence because of it’s perception of madness.

Stay Woke though.







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