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Week 7: Monday Not So Morning Thoughts

What a wild ride the NFL season has been already. The drama, action and storylines that come year after year make this league so damn awesome. I just can’t get enough of it. Week 7 had some big moments and game changers.

Teddy Two Gloves Bridgewater

Wow. 5-0 for Teddy Bridgewater. What a feat especially given the quality of wins (@Seahawks, vs Cowboys, vs Bucs, @Jags and @Bears). We are talking about potential playoff teams as well as 3 tough wins on the road facing quality to elite level defenses. Most recently, an absolute slaughtering of the Bears defense without Alvin Kamara and Jared Cook. Bridgewater has taken care of the ball better than in any other season to date with 9 to 2 TD/INT ratio. Although his yards pet attempt is sub standard, he is completing a high percentage of passes and limiting negative plays. When you’re backed by a great defense, that leads to wins. The Saints are going to face a big conundrum of whether or not he is the answer for life after Drew Brees. Ask me that question five weeks ago, I say no. But I think he’s earned his shot. Sure, there will probably be more talented QBs in the draft, but if you take a flyer on one early, that sends a message to the locker room. That is just not something you want to risk if the locker room is really behind Teddy. Based on the wins and moxie of the bunch, seems that way. Which segways me into topic number two…

Carson Wentz

The Eagles are a train wreck now after getting demolished by the Cowboys last night. There are reports surfacing that the locker room isn’t behind Wentz and head coach Doug Pederson. If you have your choice between Nick Foles and Carson Wentz, there is no debate. Wentz is the much better talent and QB. However, if your choice causes a rift in the locker room, no bueno. It is a double edged sword. Someone reportedly outed Alshon Jeffrey (Eagles number one receiver) as the one who criticized the team anonymously. Now it is a game of he said she said. Wentz once an MVP candidate is now facing the fire of being the scapegoat along with Pederson for the Eagles disappointing 2019 campaign thus far. As the saying goes…where there is smoke, there is fire. In a bad and winnable division, let’s see what happens now.

Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey returns to action with the Los Angeles Rams. There was an interview on Sunday NFL Countdown about the tumultuous falling out with his former team, Jacksonville Jaguars. I have to give a ton of credit to Ramsey here for the way he conducted himself during the interview. He praised former coach Doug Marrone. He explained how he was treated poorly by some of the front office without name dropping anyone (although we can guess which four he is talking about). He took the high road while still being truthful which is something you don’t see enough of in general (see Antonio Brown LOL). He gets his wish of playing for another team. The Jags received a hefty price tag for him securing future assets in the form of draft picks for THE BEST CORNER in the league. Big win for both sides. Quite frankly, I loved seeing the professional side of Ramsey because in between the lines, he is a total asshole. I say that in the best way possible. His trash talking videos are an absolute treat.

MVP Race

The MVP race is heating up and people are discussing who will be the MVP of 2019. A few weeks back it looked like we were on a collision course for Patty Mahomes to once again take the crown. However, the floodgates opened with a few performances that weren’t typical Mahomes and now he is going to miss time. Here are some of the options…

Christian McCaffrey – If the Panthers hold on to the season and keep winning, a playoff birth should grant the do it all back a one way ticket to MVP. But it won’t because he’s a running back trying to earn a quarterback award. I hate that. He is on pace for 1,600 rush yards with another 800 receiving on 93 catches. On top of that, he is on pace for 24 touchdowns on the year. He is the motor of that offense. He is doing this without a true number one receiver to take some pressure off as well as starting QB Cam Newton.

Lamar Jackson – Wildly inconsistent throwing, but his legs will keep in the race barring injury. The Ravens look like they will have a runaway with the division title right now barring a hot streak by the preseason hyped Browns. He’s sixth in the league rushing and  on pace for 1,300 yards on the ground, which would shatter Michael Vick’s record of 1,039 yards. Pair that with a quality season throwing the ball despite the inconsistencies, he should be in the discussion.

Aaron Rodgers – Welcome back to the discussion after torching Oakland’s secondary for over 400 yards, 5 touchdowns and a perfect QB rating of 158.3. As long as he’s healthy and the Packers are winning, he will always be part of the discussion.

Russell Wilson – Despite a bad loss and average performance for his standard, Wilson was the front runner last week and he is still very much in the race. Unfortunately, he will always be the guy that doesn’t get enough love. He is tied for first in touchdown passes next to Patrick Mahomes despite being 12th in pass attempts on the season. He leads the league with a 15 to 1 TD/INT ratio. He doesn’t have to throw in volume to be effective. One of the most under appreciated qualities of Wilson is the lack of negative plays. He takes what the defense gives him and he is willing to throw the ball away when he needs to and move on to the next play. When you have pocket presence and agility like Wilson, you know any play can become a touchdown or big play because of his ability to extend plays and find the open receivers downfield. He is THE best situational quarterback in football. On 3rd down, no matter the distance and game winning drive, there isn’t a QB I would trust more.

Trade Deadline 

With the trade deadline approaching later this month (Oct. 29), who is on the move?

  • Patriots are reportedly interested in Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders

The Patriots shipped away Damryius Thomas to the Jets and now eye the other Broncos longtime receiver. Patriots seem to be making many moves. If they are eyeing him, I anticipate the deal will get done.

  • Seahawks are reportedly interested in acquiring a tight end due to Will Dissly’s injury

Dissly has been a major redzone threat for the Seahawks offense. With Luke Willson starting, he’s a blocker and nothing more. Either DK Metcalf needs to get more consistent or they need to find another redzone target. OJ Howard of Tampa Bay is popping up. The Ravens have plenty of options such as Hayden Hurst who could be a viable option. Another name I instantly thought of was the injury prone Tyler Eifert. When healthy, he is touchdown and short yardage machine.

  • Falcons shopping Vic Beasley

The former first rounder is on the block. Only one good season to his name, I don’t see someone giving up much for a spot player and pass rusher.

  • Will the Bengals trade AJ Green?

If they trade him, the odds on favorite to land him is the Saints according to Vegas. Pairing him with Michael Thomas could be absolutely filthy given that this will be the first respectable target to play alongside Can’t Guard Mike since his rookie season (Brandin Cooks).

Mahomes Injured – Madden Curse is Dumb

Mahomes gets hurt and it’s “Oh mY God, MaDdEn CuRsE.” One, I don’t believe in curses. Two, how is it still a curse when it has 5.5/10 success rate over the last 10 years? He gets hurt and the Madden curse crap starts. Dumb. Shut up. In fact, I saw a tweet from a Saints reporter asking who would they want to see on next year’s cover and get graced with the Madden curse? You’re a piece of shit.


Falcons look like an absolute dumpster fire right now. Dan Quinn, being a defensive minded coach, has no defense and the offense is terrible even with so many weapons. Now, Matt Ryan goes down. I am going to go on record and say what a dumbass I am for picking them to not only go, but win this year’s Super Bowl. Barf. I deserve to be lambasted for that one. For those who have not let me forget about me making that call, keep it up.

49ers Redskins Slop Fest

That was one of the sloppiest games I have seen in years, literally. That field was awful. 49ers defenses pitches a shutout and continues to pave the way for the undefeated record. My favorite was the defense going puddle sliding after the game winning sack by rookie Nick Bosa. I really enjoy the 49ers brand of football. That defense is a lot of fun to watch.

Brady v Brees Super Bowl

The Saints look like the best team in the NFL right now, period. Patriots are always a safe bet for the AFC. The last two years, it was a very real possibility we could see a clash of the titans with two first ballot hall of famers going head to head in the twilight of their careers. Maybe we see that this year finally. I once again will be hoping to see it happen. Brady v Brees would go down as the most watched Super Bowl ever, mark my words on that.


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