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AEW Dynamite 10/23 Reactions and Recap – Main Event Ends in Draw, Tag Team Final Set, Rhodes v Jericho Heats Up with Legendary Return

Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final: Lucha Brothers def. Private Party

Wowzers! What a match. Start to finish was nothing but hurricanranas over and over. It kept leading to high impact moves and reversals. Ray Fenix landed a double stomp from the top with one of the Private Party members hunched over that looked absolutely brutal. Pentagon’s arm breaker is just filthy. I thought we may see another upset here with a few near falls, but ultimately Lucha Brothers advance to the final.

Grade: A-

Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final: SCU def. The Dark Order

Back to back tag team action! I ain’t mad at it. A little less high flying this match, but more technicality. Overall, it wasn’t as flashy as the first but still good enough to warrant a this is awesome chant from the fans. There was a great spot of an apron DDT that looked brutal. Plus Inner Circle showed up to a box suite mid match holding tickets because they were not “allowed to be there.” Always a win.

Grade: B-

Kenny Omega def. Joey Janela 

It didn’t take long for “Let’s go Kenny! Let’s go Joey!” chants to fill the arena. The first taste of Janela was a good one. I love his charisma and his ability to sell. There was a spot where Omega hit him with running knee and Janela goes limp on the rope. It lead to Omega hitting his One Winged Angel for the three count. I can’t wait to see more matches between these two. Their match didn’t miss a beat.

Grade: A

Cody Rhodes Promo

Anytime I see Cody, I get excited because it means I get to hear the best entrance song in wrestling. It’s not close so don’t @ me about that. AEW had their first fuck up by going to commercial when he came out so I couldn’t hear it. If that’s your biggest screw up, I will live.

Inner Circle still in the suite is blowing air horns as Cody is trying to speak. They’re such great heels and going for the absolute cheapest heat. Eventually, it led to Jericho interrupting him with his own mic. Cody fired back saying this isn’t the other company we came from. There isn’t an invisible wall here (referring to the crowd and ring). He said he could easily step through and come up there to fight right here and now. The crowd of course goes nuts. This is why AEW is SO DAMN GOOD! Jericho of course tells the crowd to shut their mouths.

I can’t say this enough that Jericho with a live unscripted mic is the best. He calls Cody a bitch which leads Cody to begin making his way to the crowd before Jericho reminds him it is 4 on 1. Dustin Rhodes shows up. Jericho says it is still 4 on 2. Cue Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s who comes out wearing a scarf. Only for Jericho to say “Am I supposed to be scared of someone wearing a scarf?” Ironically, Jericho used to rock a scarf no more than a year ago. That was gold. Then you hear…

YO IT’S ME. IT’S ME. IT’S DDP! WHAAAAAT! 4v4 now. Jericho retreats like heels behind a locked door. Cody punches out the window. Assault around the arena begins. They literally scrap among the fans in the concession area. Holy shit!

Grade: A+++

The Young Bucks def. Best Friends

The match itself was a typical Young Bucks match. They’re fantastic. One of the best moments was Young Bucks hugging before diving outside to attack Best Friends. Later on, after tossing TYB out, Best Friends hugged. Ref is distracted by that. Orange Cassidy climbs the rope casually and jumps onto TYB with his hands in his pockets. Absolutely hilarious! TYB goes on to win and accepts last week’s challenge by Santana and Ortiz (Inner Circle).

Grade: B+

Britt Baker vs Jamie Hayter

Solid debut by Hayter. Britt appears to be one of the top women. I fully see her becoming the next women’s champ. The match was solid. There was nothing super memorable.

Grade: C+

Jon Moxley v PAC – Draw Time Expires

PAC attacks Moxley with a chair as he was making his entrance. The brawl starts before the match up even gets started. Asshole chants erupt. Eventually Moxley gets his footing and runs in the ring. Match begins. These two went the full 20 minute time length with no winner. Sometimes that is ok because the match itself was fantastic. It was nice to see these two in a ring outside of WWE. PAC had a brutal 450 splash from the apron to the floor. He missed Black Arrow with about a minute left. Moxley capitalized with a Paradigm Shift and finally managed the cover around the 10 second countdown only for PAC to kick out with two seconds left leading to a draw. Moxley in a range hits the Paradigm Shift on the official after the match. The show ended with Moxley looking in the camera saying time limit my ass.

Grade: A-


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