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NFL Preseason Picks – Where I Was Right, Where I Was Wrong and ONE GIANT WHIFF ON THE SUPER BOWL (Woof)

One of my favorite things to do every preseason is make my picks known before the season starts. Sometimes I am spot on. Other times, not so much. When you write about sports, you make a lot of predictions over the course of every season. Unlike the idiots on the internet and the shock jocks on TV, I like to highlight my failure as much as I like to highlight where I was right. Human element man!

It also gives me a timeline of where I am throughout the year from Preseason to midseason to postseason. How much of my narrative changes? That is ok for the record. So many variables change in every sport weekly. Sometimes those factors affect the outcomes. Sometimes I am dead wrong. Sometimes I am spot on. It’s all part of the fun. Here is a quick run down of where I was with each team in July.

*Playoff Teams

Patriots 12-4*

Jets 8-8 
Bills 6-10 
Dolphins 3-13

Browns 11-5*

Steelers 8-8
Ravens 6-10
Bengals 4-12

Colts 13-3*

Texans 9-7*
Titans 8-8
Jags 4-12

Chiefs 11-5*

Chargers 11-5*
Raiders 6-10
Broncos 4-12

Eagles 11-5*
Cowboys 10-6*
Redskins 5-11
Giants 2-14

Packers 12-4*

Bears 11-5*
Vikings 9-7
Lions 5-11

Falcons 13-3* (Barf)
Saints 9-7
Panthers 8-8
Buccaneers 6-10

Seahawks 10-6*
Rams 10-6
49ers 8-8
Cardinals 3-13

Conference Championships
Patriots def. Colts

Falcons def. Packers

Super Bowl
Falcons def. Patriots 

Where I was Wrong?

Falcons – Big elephant in the room here. They were banged up bad on defense last year. I thought gaining two starting safeties and a middle linebacker would warrant an improved defense. Nope. They look worse than last year. The offense managed to be explosive despite offensive line issues last year. They went heavy addressing those needs and still suck up front. Again, maybe worse than last year. For a team with so many weapons, Dan Quinn has go to go because they can’t be that bad. They are an absolute laughing stock. So am I for thinking they would actually win the Super Bowl. I missed BAD here. I have been made fun of for weeks about this. I deserve it.

Bears – That offense is completely inept at moving the ball. They should be much better than they are given their defense. I thought Trubisky was going to be the same if not better than last year, he is not. I don’t know how much longer Chicago can be patient with him. They are good enough to win now given the right QB. For the friends of mine who I have had long debates about Trubisky with, you were right guys.

Chargers – As the story goes, nothing seems to change with the organizations up and downs. They were fantastic last year and now they take six steps back.

Browns – Yup.

Saints – DEAD WRONG HERE. I thought the division would get better. I thought the wheels were going to fall off hard on Drew Brees. What I was even more wrong on was how effective the offense and defense can be with an average QB. I love Teddy Two Gloves, but he’s nothing flashy or elite. This is the best roster in the NFL, period. Losing Brees gives that notion a strong case. I completely underestimated how good this team is top to bottom. Aside from a second receiver and corner, this roster is built for success over the next few seasons.

Ravens – Lamar Jackson, period. I thought he would throw them out of games without a great defense backing him. Instead, his playmaking ability with his feet seems to eliminate the need to make throws at times. He is one of the closest QBs to Michael Vick in his prime. Vick wasn’t a great passer at all. He was erratic throwing, but made up for it with his feet. See Lamar Jackson.

Eagles – Fell into the trap with many others thinking they would right the ship. That locker room is a MASSIVE issue right now despite their last win.

Where I Was Right?

Packers – Don’t bet against Aaron Rodgers, ever. This is the best roster he has played with in 5-6 years and they look poised for a nice playoff run. That franchise has some life to it again. I don’t think McCarthy was terrible, but sometimes coaches run their course. The defense is better despite having a major hole in stopping the run. As long as they stay balanced on offense, it shouldn’t hurt when you got Rodgers under center.

Rams – I saw a major step back for them this year after losing some big pieces on defense and Todd Gurley looking human toward the back end of last season. They’re still a solid playoff contender and will be in the mix. But Jared Goff’s magic seems to be burning up fast and they have an identity crisis right now.

Patriots – I don’t really count this one though. Someone who has never watched football can make that call.

Chiefs – They aren’t as dominant as last year which I expected. Still good enough though.

Seahawks – I may be wrong on the win total by season’s end, but I did see them being in play to win the division and be ahead of the Rams. Don’t ever count out Russell Wilson.

The Inconclusive

Colts – They lost Andrew Luck after I wrote this. I knew they would still have a good shot in that division as long as Brissett could step up and he has. That roster is built for playoffs. They can move teams up front and run the ball. The defense is situationally sound.

49ers – The 49ers being good is not a total surprise honestly. Although I picked them 8-8, it was more of a cop out because of uncertainty with Jimmy G. I could see them making the playoffs. I just wasn’t jumping on that train because of the other teams in the conference. I like what John Lynch has done as GM and I like Kyle Shanahan as head coach. They really struck with Nick Bosa on defense and Tevin Coleman on offense. This team is a lot of fun.

Bills – I want to see how the rest of the season plays out for them. At 5-2, I can see the slide start happening now.

Steelers – Big Ben injured. There’s that.







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