Happy Halloween! Sports have been flooding the Huddle lately because NFL dude! Moving away from sports for a second and diving into some entertainment with it being Halloween. As a child, horror was my favorite genre by far. It boiled down to only a few series in all honesty.

I always gravitated toward the slasher films. I was never into the devil or paranormal activity kind of bullshit. Although my interest in the horror genre dwindled over the years, I still enjoy those movies from my childhood. I decided to rank my 10 favorite horror movies.

10. Halloween H2O – 1998 

I recently saw a post on my FB from a few years ago talking about how great this movie is. I watched it last year and it really is. One of the things I found kind of funny was seeing Joseph Gordon Levitt (had no idea he was in it) trying to be a tough guy in the beginning before having face impaled with a hockey skate. Get bent. Also, remember when Josh Hartnett was a thing?

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street – 1984

The first Nightmare on Elm Street was horror gold. Freddy Krueger feeding off the dreams of teenagers and the more you fear, the stronger he gets. Pretty sinister if you ask me. Overall, it is a great series and a few other installments would make this if it were a top 25 such as Freddy v Jason and the third installment, Dream Warriors. As quoted in the another movie on my list, “don’t fuck with the original.”

8. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch – 1982

I was maybe 6-7 when I really started getting into the genre. After seeing the first Halloween, I wanted to see all the others that had come out. They had a marathon and I watched them all. I turned off Season of the Witch once I realized Michael Myers wasn’t in it which wasn’t until about 45 minutes in. I had the same initial reaction most had. What the fuck is this?!? Turns out, it was meant to be a stand alone film until they realized how iconic Michael Myers was. They went back to his story in the next one. Now, it has become a cult classic. I watched it a few years back after reading a blog about horror movies and holy shit, it really is good once you appreciate it for what it is.

7. Psycho – 1960

Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates, wow. This movie is so well done. It is creepy. It is sick. It is twisted. There is a reason it is an all-time classic. One aspect I always like in movies is how quotable movies are. Psycho may be the most quotable of the genre. The most iconic…”we all go a little mad sometimes.”

6. Scream 4 – 2011

When Scream announced a reboot, I got a massive boner for it. Scream is easily my favorite horror series by a mile. I loved how meta it was and how much it broke the 4th wall of the genre. Scream 4 completely tripled down on that. I literally went and saw this opening night by myself after my friends bailed and wanted to wait a day. I said “I’ll go again tomorrow. I am not missing this shit.” The cast was solid. The plot line was solid. It paid a ton homage to the first installment. I think I wound up seeing it four times in theaters.

5. Scream 2 – 1997

A solid sequel to Scream. Shortly after Sidney Prescott’s boyfriend Billy Loomis and accomplice Stu Macher decided to wreak havoc on Woodsboro in a quest to kill Sid because of her mother, Billy’s mother and her accomplice Mickey decided to try and finish the job in revenge for her son. I think the number one reason I loved Scream 2 so much is Mickey. He is one of my favorite reveals as ghost face. I also remember how shocked I was when Randy fell victim after surviving the first movie. I was completely shocked when Dewey survived as well.

4. Halloween II – 1981

Halloween II is easily one of the best horror sequels. I love that it didn’t move along too far in time. In fact, it was just a continuation of the same night in Halloween. Michael Myers is trying to find his sister Laurie to kill her which leads the town to complete pandemonium. The original was obviously a slower build before chaos erupted. The second installment was quite the opposite. Chaos began rather quickly and I loved that about it.

3. Child’s Play – 1988

Bless Andy Barclay’s heart. The first death in the movie, not counting serial killer Charles Lee Ray kind of dying by taking the body of a Good Guy doll, was Andy’s Aunt Maggie. Of course the police didn’t believe Chucky did it as Andy was tucked away in bed. Chucky apparently told him Aunt Maggie was a real bitch who got what she deserved. He repeated that to police Yikes. That part always gives me a nice laugh. From then on, it became so over the top which is what made it great.

2. Halloween – 1978

Halloween is my clear cut and dry number two forever. Nothing will ever unseat this and my number one. There was no real build to Michael Myers becoming a psycho. It went from 0 to 60 pretty quick with him killing his sister Judith and her boyfriend before police arrive. Years later, he escapes the psych ward and returns to Haddonfield. The entire first half of the movie is him stalking his younger sister Laurie Strode. The scene where she looks out the window seeing him in the backyard standing in between sheets blowing in the wind on hangers is iconic. Michael Myers is the most iconic slasher by far. This is where it all started. So respect it.

1. Scream – 1996

Nothing will ever beat the opening scene of Scream. Holy shit. No matter how many times I see it, it is just pure horror gold. I love the series because of how real it is. It isn’t some super human shit. It isn’t some nightmare slasher. It isn’t some undead boy from camp. It is just a couple of real life psychos going on a killing spree. The entire series starts with ghostface dialing the “wrong number” for Casey Becker to shortly realize she is being preyed on by a maniac. It is horrifically graphic with her boyfriend Steve being gutted and her insides being ripped out and hung from a tree in the yard. It is as psychotic and creepy as it gets. Then it becomes a game of cat and mouse as to who is the serial killer. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing will ever unseat Scream as my favorite horror movie and series of all-time. Just earlier today, I saw the clip of Randy reciting the rules to survive a horror movie.

1. You can never have sex

2. You can never drink or do drugs

3. You can never say I’ll be right back

Meanwhile, everyone in the room is drinking and getting cozy with women. One of the killers, Stu Macher, of course mocks him and says “I’ll be right back.” Again, I love the breaking of the fourth wall. I also loved that it was new killers in every film. Speaking of, if I had to rank my scream killers in order…

7. Roman Bridger (Scream 3 – the only solo killer in the series) 
6. Charlie Walker (Scream 4)
5. Mrs. Loomis (Scream 2)
4. Jill Roberts (Scream 4)
3. Mickey (Scream 2)
2. Billy Loomis (Scream)
1. Stu Macher (Scream)


    • Sorry! I am just seeing this for whatever reason. Thanks for your comment! The Shining is an all-timer in messed for sure. Jack Nicholson is so damn good.


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