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Week 9: Monday Not So Morning Thoughts

And then there was one. The 49ers are the only remaining undefeated team in the NFL. At this point you know how this goes, I give my takes on some of the latest news and reactions in the NFL. Here it goes…

Jermaine Whitehead

What a bizarre fiasco from the Cleveland. Good lord. 15 minutes after the Browns slipped to 2-6, LB Jermaine Whitehead tweeted some pretty heavy stuff and was waived within 24 hours. After someone tweeted about his performance, he tweeted the following…

“Ima kill you little bitch. That’s on blood.”

“Come get in blood bitch made ass lil boy. I’m out there with a broke hand…don’t get smoked fuck ass cracker”

“Don’t get shot at lil bitch…can you whoop my ass…fuck football…let me know when you need the address.”

A couple of things…

  1. I had an aneurysm reading one of those tweets.
  2. Jermaine sounds like a very emotionally stable person.
  3. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Fire Freddie Kitchens

Speaking of the Browns, when do we start talking about firing Freddie Kitchens? That team is much better than the 2-6 record. I truly believe that. They have a talented defense. However, it doesn’t really matter when your offense can’t move the ball. The offense for all intents and purposes should be able to. Baker Mayfield, despite his season, is better than this. On top of that, Nick Chubb, Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry sounds like an offense that should be averaging more than 19 points per game.

Trent Williams

Redskins Offensive Tackle Trent Williams had a growth on his head that turned out to be cancerous and team doctors allegedly wrote it off as a non-issue. He recently had surgery to have the tumor removed. Now of course the conversation has been ramped up with a lot of he said/they said. The NFL Network reported that the issue was addressed with Williams, however he chose not to take the proper steps to get it taken care of due to financial reasons. Williams has requested the NFLPA to not pursue his medical records as he wants to move on from what happened. If Williams does pursue, this could be a massive black eye on the NFL. Quite honestly, it is hard for me not to believe Williams given the organization he alleged ignored it. Redskins haven’t exactly been the most stable nor the most honorable as of late.

George Kittle Mic’d Up

Check out the full video here. Although the video is from last week, it is too good not to share. I want to George Kittle to be my hype man. He literally has a man crush on his teammate Nick Bosa and it is fucking awesome. Bosaaaaaaaaaa. I AM SO GLAD THAT GUY IS ON MY TEAM!

Overreaction – Patriots in Trouble

Because it is the Patriots and people love to hate them, Monday is about to bring some serious overreactions. “tHeY HaVeN’t pLaYeD AnYoNe.” Right, because they haven’t been dominating the league the last 20 years or anything. Shut up. Just stop. Eventually the Dynasty has to fall of course, but come on. They are 8-1. They have Brady and Belichick. Calm down.

Midseason Awards

MVP – Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks 

This is his award to lose at this point. There is not debate here right now. The Seahawks (while not the prettiest) are winning and Wilson has thrown a league high 22 TDs to just one interception on the season and currently sits 3rd in passing yards.

Offensive Player of the Year – Lamar Jackson, QB, Ravens 

This award is going to be one hell of a race. Ultimately, Jackson will likely get it because he is a QB no matter what happens. However, I do have a stipulation if I were casting the vote. He would need to break Michael Vick’s rushing yardage record in a single season in order to win this. Right now, he is on pace which is why I give him the nod. Otherwise, two other worthy candidates are Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey and Saints wideout Michael Thomas.

Defensive Player of the Year – Cameron Jordan, DE, Saints 

I am not giving Cam the nod just because I am a Saints fans. I have no problem downing them when I need to (see preseason predictions). At what point does this fucking guy get the love he deserves? The Saints defense has been fantastic and Cam has been one of the 10 best defensive players in football for several years now. The Saints defense has been fantastic in helping them win without QB Drew Brees. Jordan is 2.5 sacks shy of the league leader. He has hit the QB 14 times this year. He is great against the run and can get after the QB. This is the year to give him the love he deserves. If the Saints defense continues to play the way it is and Jordan continues to put up his usual numbers, DPOY no matter what.

Offensive Rookie of the Year – RB Josh Jacobs, RB, Raiders

On pace for 1,400+ yards on the ground, Jacobs should get the nod here. He has been exceptional from start to finish and given the Raiders someone to rely on to tote the rock. The only other option is Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew, but his time is coming to an end with Nick Foles likely returning sooner rather than later (insert sad face). #MinshewMania

Defensive Rookie of the Year – Nick Bosa, DE, 49ers

Bosaaaaaaaa! He has made a massive impact on one of the best defenses in 2019. He is far and away the clear cut pick for DPOY. He has wreaked havoc in offensive backfields with 7.0 sacks and 14 tackles for a loss. Throw in a forced fumble, fumble recovery and an interception to his credit, stud.

Coach of the Year – Sean Payton, Saints

He milked everything he had out of Teddy Bridgewater in Drew Brees’ absence. As a result, Bridgewater looks like he is about to get PAID! The Saints look like a heavy favorite for a possible Super Bowl run again. Unless they fall off a cliff, I think the Coach of the Year is in the bag for Payton given the loss of his HOF QB for a huge bulk of the season.


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