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Peloton Bike Ad Offensive? Stay Woke

Upon my browsing on Facebook earlier this afternoon, I came across a post from one of my favorite Facebook pages (The Dad). Normally, the page is filled with cheesy dad jokes, great dad stories and other shit I enjoy reading. Well, not today.

Today, I got suckered into reading some social justice warrior / woke bullshit. The post was centered around the Peloton Bike Christmas Ad that I have seen on more than one occasion.

The ad I am referring to (long story short)…

Dude buys his wife a Peloton Bike for Christmas. She then vlogs her journey. A year later, the two of them sit down and watch together as she is much happier with herself.

This dude Mike Julianelle decided to write some woke bullshit about it for The Dad. I am real disappointed in them now.

“The ad goes on to show the subservient wife’s gratefulness for her husband’s gift, and for the motivation he’s provided her towards improving her life by getting into shape.”

Well you dildo, how do you know the wife didn’t hint at wanting to get into a workout routine, feeling better about herself and better shape? You don’t.

Also, just because the wife is thin does not equate to being in shape. I know skinny people who can’t run for shit because they have no cardio. So keep reaching.

“The ad in question features a young, obviously thin and clearly fit woman waking up on Christmas morning to learn that her beloved husband has gifted her the high-end exercise bike because she could still afford to lose a couple of pounds?”

How do you know her goal was to lose weight? Not everyone works out to lose weight. I literally just started working out again because I knew my muscles were getting weaker and I wanted to start utilizing muscle groups I probably haven’t activated in two years. On top of that, some people workout to simply feel good and feel better about themselves. That is why I jumped back into a routine.

God, you’re an embarrassment to anyone named Mike. My name is entirely too good for you to have it.

“5 days in a row, can you believe it?” As a matter of fact, I can believe it, because it’s blatantly obvious that you work out ALL the time! I mean, you have a child and you’re thinner than the guy who got cursed by a gypsy in that movie.”

Weird flex. But ok. You know some people are naturally thin whether they work out or not?

“As the ad continues, she documents her journey with the bike on social media, and then shows her husband a video diary she made of her experience with the Peloton, telling him she “didn’t realize how much this would change [her].” Over the course of the thirty-second ad, she has gone from being ridiculously model-thin to being ridiculously model-thin, slightly more sweaty, and even more subservient to her smug, silent husband.”

So let me get this right, you’re offended that someone felt good about herself after sticking with a workout regimen for a year? If you workout over a long period of time, that tends to happen. You’re also arguing for the literal time stamp of an ad. Good job. You are a walking argument for birth control.

Again, please change your name.

Upon further research, this babbling dickhead wasn’t alone. Peloton took a big hit for the ad. Just google the company and you will see a bunch of websites posting about the hit as well as their woken take on the ad. This is what many people do online now. They reach for reasons to be completely offended by something so simple as an ad for a stationary bike.

Stay Woke y’all. View the ad below…





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