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Monday Not So Morning Thoughts: What A Weekend of Football Both NFL and College

Holy Santa Claus shit. Christmas must be coming early because it was an action packed weekend of football across the board. Normally this column features NFL only. Not today sir. The College Football Playoff is set and looks to be a great one. The NFL playoff picture was shaken up this weekend. We are officially in crunch time of football season.

College Football Playoff Without Controversy 

I am all for the expansion of the playoff to eight teams. In 2019 and probably for the first time, there is absolutely no controversy about the four teams who made it so let’s keep that noise away and enjoy the four who made it.

1 – LSU
2 – Ohio State
3 – Clemson
4 – Oklahoma

The field was pretty clear as all the right things happened in the final weeks. LSU slipped to the 2 spot, which of course led to some noise. However, they leaped back up after dominating Georgia in the SEC Championship. The committee got it right 1000%. I am excited to see the action. This is the most I have followed FBS college football in a few years.

My pick to win it all…the good ole Tigers from Clemson.

Just kidding, it is the other Tigers from LSU. Speaking of, I have said it on here more than once that I loathe LSU. I would be lying if I said Ed Orgeron and Joe Burrow don’t make them likeable though. Above all else in mainstream sports, entertainment will always win me over. LSU is just that this year.

Either way you slice it, these four teams are the seeding they should be and there isn’t any room for debate here.

Joe Big Balls Burrow

What is not to love about him? He is on his way to securing the Heisman Trophy becoming the second player in LSU history to do so (Billy Cannon). He is having one of the best individual seasons in college football that I have seen my lifetime. It is on the same wavelength as guys like Tim Tebow, Vince Young, Reggie Bush etc. He is a transcendent star of college football. Given the amount QB issues LSU has faced within the last decade or so, it is hard to believe that a Tiger QB is this massive and this polished. If he puts the nail in the coffin with a natty, what a fucking run. He already has secured himself as the number one pick to the Bengals.

I just love his moxie, swagger and his ability to flirt so carefully with the line of smug arrogance to oozing confidence. I wrote a piece about him after they took down Alabama about his ability to just lay his dick on the table and say “stop me.” I saw a stat earlier that plays further into that. Against top 20 defenses this year, Burrow is completing 78% of his passes for 1,356 yards, 12 Touchdowns and only 1 Interception.

Absolute freaking stud.

Geaux Colonels 

Nicholls Football is the only football team across the globe (college and professional) that I truly love and will pull for no matter what. I wear those school colors with pride. I hold that degree with pride. I am a Colonel through and through. I am damn proud of that football team today.

In the last three seasons, that team has faced controversies head on and overcame those controversies. They have played with confidence and punched opponents in the mouth as a result.

Under Head Coach Tim Rebowe, five is the number of playoff games we have seen them compete in, including two wins. I am sure Rebowe, his staff and his players (especially seniors) are wishing they wouldn’t be sitting at home next week. Honestly, that is the competitive side talking and it is justifiable.

As a fan and an alum, I hope they all know in the back of their minds that their supporters such as myself are fucking proud beyond belief of them.

For those who are unfamiliar with the FCS in college football, the North Dakota State University Bison are basically the Alabama of the division. Since 2011, they have claimed 7 national titles among two head coaches. They are sniffing their 8th with a third head coach.

You may know the name Carson Wentz (Eagles QB), yeah, he went there. Current QB, Trey Lance hasn’t thrown a single interception on the season resulting in him being a Walter Payton Award finalist.

Nicholls took them on in the Fargo Dome where they are 24-1 in the playoffs. Not an easy place to win. They fought tooth and nail before the floodgates opened with under 3 minutes to play in the fourth. The Bison smelled the blood in the water and went to work. Nicholls put every ounce of effort into that game. Sometimes, your best effort isn’t good enough. You scared and punched a team who is 125-8 since 2011 right in the kisser. So much as reporters and writers questioned the 24 point win in which they were a 28 point favorite. People thought you should have never been in a close game with Nicholls, yet they were. Nicholls’ effort was there. That matters in some cases. All your fan could see you left it all out there. Hold your heads high.

Note to Saints Fans

In the words of the illustrious AEW Le Champion Chris Jericho, would you please shut the hell up?

Every week and every time something happens that goes against the Saints, the fans turn into overreacting morons.

tHe NfL iS AgAiNsT uS

ThE rEfS ScReW uS

or my personal favorite…

tHe nFL iS RiGgEd

None of the above is true, at all. You’re a moron if you believe otherwise. Especially those who the think the NFL is ACTUALLY rigged. There is no way the officials or league office could pull off rigging games without it being blatantly obvious. There is too much of a microscope on the league for that to happen.

Case in point, Josh Shaw of the Arizona Cardinals was recently suspended through the 2020 season for betting on NFL games. He is a no name and he was caught. Put your tin foil hats away.

Yesterday, the Saints and 49ers played a slobber knocker of a game. Unfortunately, the Saints found themselves on the wrong end of the result. Nothing more. Nothing less. Shut up.

NFC Playoff Picture

  1. 49ers 11-2
  2. Packers 10-3 (owns tiebreaker over Saints based on conference record)
  3. Saints 10-3
  4. Cowboys 6-7
  5. Seahawks 10-3
  6. Vikings 9-4

In contention for a wildcard…

  • Rams 8-5
  • Bears 7-6

The four seed is still up for grabs with the Eagles still in contention for the NFC East or Least. Who cares? Let’s talk about the things that matter, which is the rest of the seeding. Let’s look at the remaining schedules…

  • 49ers (Falcons, Rams, @ Seahawks)
  • Packers (Bears, @ Vikings, @ Lions)
  • Saints (Colts, @ Titans, @ Panthers)
  • Seahawks (@ Panthers, Cardinals, 49ers)
  • Vikings (@ Chargers, Packers, Bears)
  • Rams (@ Cowboys, @ 49ers, Cardinals)
  • Bears (@ Packers, Chiefs, @ Vikings)

The only certainty in the playoffs right now is that the Saints have secured anywhere from the 1st to 3rd seed. 3rd seed obviously means an extra playoff game due to losing the bye. No one else has secured anything yet.

The Rams beating Seahawks was a big game changer breaking the West open. The 49ers have two big games with the Rams and Seahawks for that division.

In the North, the Bears would need plenty to happen for them to make it. They could win out to finish 10-6 and still not get in.

The West and North are both going to be big fights to the finish. For the Saints sake, hopefully they can win out and those two divisions cannibalize each other. 

AFC Playoff Picture

  1. Ravens 11-2
  2. Patriots 10-3
  3. Chiefs 9-4
  4. Texans 8-5
  5. Bills 9-4
  6. Steelers 8-5

In contention…

  • Titans 8-5
  • Browns 6-7
  • Raiders 6-7
  • Colts 6-7
  • Broncos 5-8

While there are five teams looking in, it is hard to see four of them getting there. Too much is going to have to happen in order for them to sneak in the backdoor. Titans are the only one who have a real good shot. Here are the remaining schedules…

  • Ravens (Jets, @ Browns, Steelers)
  • Patriots (@ Bengals, Bills, Dolphins)
  • Chiefs (Broncos, @ Bears, Chargers)
  • Texans (@ Titans, Buccaneers, Titans)
  • Bills (@ Steelers, @ Patriots, Jets)
  • Steelers (Bills, @ Jets, @ Ravens)
  • Titans (Texans, @ Saints, @ Texans)

The only certainties in the AFC are Ravens are in the playoffs and the Chiefs won the West. Of course, Ravens will have to lose out for Steelers to win the division. That won’t happen. The Ravens should clinch the North this week against the Jets. The South is coming down to the two games between Titans and Texans which is going to be fantastic. The Texans have been erratic while the Titans have been on a roll with Ryan Tannehill. You have the Bills who have been great down the stretch and could potentially steal the East from the Patriots.







4 responses to “Monday Not So Morning Thoughts: What A Weekend of Football Both NFL and College”

  1. Debbie Torres Avatar
    Debbie Torres

    Love reading the Hotard Huddle. Most times I do agree with you but not always… but who cares! I enjoy reading your take on sports, marriage, kids and life! With that said, I just have to know WHY DO YOU LOATHE LSU? It’s your home state…you don’t have to love them, but why the hate? Just curious. You are not the first in my small circle of friends and family to “hate” the LSU tigers, and some of the reasons I get don’t make sense to me! It’s your home state, and it’s the flagship u. What’s to loathe? I can’t loathe any LA university…I want the best for them all. Just wondering why you do?


    1. Michael Hotard Avatar

      Thank you for being a loyal! That’s awesome. Agree or disagree, I’m all for difference of opinion. 🙂🙂

      Long story short, I used to not. A few factors have played into it, I started to not like LSU being a Nicholls student due to the discrepancy of the higher education budget under Jindal. Meanwhile, Nicholls had the number producers of the Louisiana workforce in LA at the time such as nursing. Then working for Nicholls football program for 4 years, I hated seeing the amount of LSU support on our campus where students didn’t care about the school they were paying for. As a whole, I hate the local sports coverage or lack thereof for other schools. When UL was wrecking their conference in early 2010s, minimal coverage. Nicholls Football the last 3 years has been the most successful program in the state by far, minimal coverage. On top of that, as that was happening, I was in the city for the 2011 National Championship with friends and seeing how fans acted after that debacle was the tipping point.


      1. Debbie Torres Avatar
        Debbie Torres

        OK I hear ya! Your feelings…can’t ignore them. Especially when it comes to how the fans act. I have seen that first hand but like opinions, I don’t let it get to me. I know that fans act stupid all the time and I just roll my eyes LOL. Hell, I act stupid when I go to Saints games but it’s usually just in fun. I was at the 2011 LSU championship game when the Tigers did not make it across the 50 yd line…hope it wasn’t me you saw acting stupid – eek. Your reasons are kind of what others have told me – minus the fans. My daughter just graduated from LSU so maybe I am being a homer…but I really do support them all – don’t care who the coach is or what the media reports. I watch any LA college game on TV and anytime they play here in NOLA I go! Football, baseball, I don’t care…love it all! Again, I really do enjoy reading your blog. Keep em coming! And, Stay Woke No Hate! JK! JK!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Michael Hotard Avatar

        Hahahaha I doubt it was you. But there’s a difference between acted rabid as a fan and being stupid, for lack of a better word.

        If you have a daughter that graduated from there, no shame in supporting!

        Thank you so much! I most certainly will! 👍🏻👍🏻


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