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Bring on Monday Night Football – Brees and Thomas Go For History Where Every Win Matters

Normally, I do my Monday Not So Morning Thoughts with a series of topics, but not today.

I want to talk about one thing, tonight’s Monday Night Football match up between the Saints (10-3) and Colts (6-7). This game is monumentally huge for both as the Colts hope to stay alive by the skin of their teeth while the Saints are competing for all roads to lead through New Orleans in the NFC.

The 49ers choked Sunday against the Falcons thus dropping them from the 1st seed down to the 5th seed. Now the playoff picture is freaking INSANE! The Saints are a half game back on the Seahawks, Packers and 49ers who all sit at 11-3. Meanwhile the Vikings are pretty much a lock for the postseason at this point at 10-4. Both the NFC West and North are completely up for grabs. The Packers/Vikings and Seahawks/49ers can all grab anywhere from the 1st to 6th seed depending on how everything shakes out.

The Saints have locked up 3rd seed at worst. The winner of the NFC East Eagles/Cowboys will inevitably take the 4th seed. A win tonight makes the next two weeks a whole lot of fun.

I am confident the Saints will blowout the Colts because there is history to be made by quarterback Drew Brees and receiver Michael Thomas. So I am banking on the big shake up. I can’t wait for tonight and the rest of the season because of it.

Drew Brees enters tonights game at 15-9 with 52 Touchdowns and 19 Interceptions on Monday Night Football. He enters this game with another shot and another record-breaking opportunity in front of everyone. What else is new? If history has told us anything, he will fucking deliver.

Brees sits 3 Touchdowns shy of the NFL record for Passing TDs in a career (540). He has a chance to surpass Tom Brady (538) and Peyton Manning (539) tonight. Will he get it done tonight?

Answer, absolutely.

Another record on the horizon is Michael Thomas who is 23 catches away from breaking the single-season record held by Marvin Harrison. Will he get that? Probably not, but it would be awesome to break the single-game (21) and season record for catches simultaneously.

That being said, I don’t care what the numbers say although they are in the Saints favor. The Colts are second to last in pass defense over their last three games (Texans, Titans and Buccaneers) and 6th to last on the road for the season in pass defense.

My gut is telling me that we will see a similar story unfold. Brees grabs the record in dominant fashion. Everything inside my bones is telling me the Saints hang a 40 burger on the Colts tonight with Brees and Thomas feasting.

Final predictions for tonight:

45-20 Saints 
Drew Brees – 78%, 327 yards, 5 TDs and 0 INTs 
Michael Thomas – 14 receptions, 142 yards, 2 TDs 

Let the wave of wildness begin in the NFC and the Saints ride this wave to the promised land. WHO DAT!



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