12th play of the drive. 1st and Goal from the five. Brees under center. I-Formation. Brees fakes the handoff. Looks to throw. Wide open. TOUCHDOWN…Josh Hill. 19 years. 273 games. Over 76,000 yards. And now 540 touchdowns. Drew Brees take a bow. 

That was the call from WWL Radio when Drew Brees accomplished yet another career record in a Saints uniform. Drew Brees now leads all NFL passers with the most Touchdowns, Yards and the best Completion % ever in the regular season. The triple crown of QB statistics is his to lose. It could be a while before he does too. The pissing match between he and Brady for TDs is going to be interesting. He is this generation’s Dan Marino. He is a complete statistical anomaly to the quarterback position. When he is on, best of luck stopping him.

Last night, the Saints whomped the Colts 34-7 and Brees’ brilliance was on full display. Did you expect anything less? It was a prime time match up with historical relevance. We have seen what Brees does in that situation before. You never want to be the opposing defense.

Yesterday, I knew a dominant performance was coming. I predicted a 45-20 victory with Brees completing 78% of his passes for 327 yards and 5 TDs with Michael Thomas catching 14 of those for 142 yards and 2 TDs.

Brees finished 29/30 for 307 yards and 4 TDs setting the all time touchdown record and breaking the single game completion percentage record posting a 96.7 mark. Meanwhile on throws to Thomas, he was 12/12 for 128 yards and a TD.

Brees is also on pace to now break the completion percentage mark in a single season set by…yup Drew Brees himself. While Brees doesn’t have the arm he used to, not that he ever had a “big” arm, he knows where to put it. He has a receiver who has range out of this world.

The last three years, Payton and Brees have reinvented the offense a bit. The Saints are at their peak when they stay committed to the run and allowing Brees to utilize play action and pick apart defenses by keeping them on their heels. Yesterday, they had that in bunches. My favorite part about last night’s showing, Saints had 3 drives with 10 or more plays eating more than 6 minutes of clock on all three. Ball control ALL DAY!

Call it what you will, but Brees has been utilized more as a “game manager” the last three years. I put that in quotes because typically that term has negative connotation when speaking about quarterbacks. In this case, it doesn’t. This is not a slight at Brees by any stretch. As he gets older, his arm deteriorates as the season wears on. Less passes means a higher shelf life, meaning he can still throw late in the season.

The last three seasons, Brees’ attempts is the 1st, 2nd and 4th lowest total he has in his Saints career. The 3rd lowest came in 2009 during the Super Bowl season. Thanks to having an elite receiver for the first time in his career, it has led to his 3 highest completion percentages in a season. With the exception of 2016, it has led to the third and fifth highest touchdown rate of his career in a season as well.

The less he throws, the more effective he will be come postseason and down the stretch. We saw the wheels fall off Brees a little bit last season thus losing him the MVP award. I fully believe if he kept the mojo he had before Dallas, he would have captured his first MVP.

Because of the five game absence in 2019, Brees is looking scary heading into January. That was something I talked about on my podcast months ago after the injury happened. Brees getting hurt could actually help the Saints in the postseason should they make it and now they will.

In the last five games, the Saints have scored 30 or more in four of them. Brees is averaging 275 yards per game with a completion percentage of 77.2. The icing on the cake is the 16 TDs to just 1 interception. That includes him picking apart what I believe to be the best defense in football (49ers).

Let’s put this simply, he made them his bitch. Had Jared Cook not gotten hurt, I think that outcome is much different. The Saints attacked them sideline to sideline and it was working beautifully before Cook went down.

Congrats to Drew for breaking the record last night. As a Saints fan, I am pumped for that guy because he has given New Orleans more than a decade of wonderful sports memories. He absolutely deserves the recognition. After the season concludes, I will discuss where he stands among the best QBs.

While you see all the GOAT shit on the internet, I just want to enjoy what is left of Brees’ career. It has been a hell of ride to see unfold.

Enough sunshine and rainbows, let’s talk playoff picture which is a complicated mess.

Why Are The Saints Third Seed?

The first question is why aren’t the Saints the number one seed if they beat Seattle head to head and have the same record?

Simple terms, the Green Bay Packers.

When there is a 3 way tie between division leaders, you have to break that tie between the three basically making head to head pointless in the first tiebreaker. New Orleans falls below the fold because of their conference record 8-3, meanwhile Green Bay and Seattle are 8-2. Seattle has a better win percentage in common games thus giving them the tiebreaker over the Packers.

What to Watch This Week?

Green Bay @ Minnesota 

Minnesota is a game back so a win here for the Vikings would put the Saints in the driver seat for the 2 seed at worst, assuming the Saints knock off the Titans this week.

For all you Who Dats, tune in Monday to see this one. It matters for New Orleans. Plus, should be a fun game. As for the likelihood of Minnesota winning, they are one of the hottest teams in football and could take advantage of the Packers inconsistency the last few weeks.

Remaining Games:
Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco
Seattle @ Arizona

Capturing the Number One Seed

The Packers need to lose one of the next two, period. The Saints are screwed in capturing the bye if the Packers win out unless somehow Seattle AND San Francisco fall this week thus putting the Saints a game ahead of both.

Week 17 is where the one seed will come into play assuming Pack lose to the Vikings or Bears. Seattle HAS to beat San Francisco in order for the Saints to obtain the one seed. Unless of course both lose this week as stated before.

Less Complicated Version

Cheer for the Vikings this week. Cheer for the Seahawks next week.

Let the fun begin.







  1. Thank you for the less complicated version! I can file that away in the hippocampus! Otherwise, I glaze over over the who has to beat whom scenarios every time!


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