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RIP Kobe – I’m Not Sure How To Process This One

When celebrities we admire or like pass on, a wave of emotion can hit us despite never meeting these people. It seems silly to mourn someone you never met. But the reality is, they don’t know us, but we feel like we know them. We watch them. We admire them. Every time Kobe took that last second shot, we were clinging on to the magic that would follow.

It hurts that we lost one of game’s best in such an unfortunately tragic way.

I stepped away from my phone for a few minutes only to come back to 19 texts. All of which containing the same message, Kobe Bryant died. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

Those words sting. Because of how youthful he was even after two decades of high level basketball, it is shocking thus making the sting hurt a little more.

I can’t imagine the pain for that family. Details are still being sorted out whether or not the daughters were on board. I will talk about that later because now is not the time to get into the media.

RIP Kobe. Thank you for years of exciting basketball Black Mamba. We will forever remember you every single time we shoot a ball of paper into a trash can or shoot an actual basketball and yell KOBE.

I found myself watching this on Youtube so I thought I would share.





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