I am going to give every single person who clicks this a fair warning. This is one of the topics I am most passionate about. It is going to be vulgar. It is going to be honest. It is going to paint a very fine picture of what is wrong with the media and it’s consumers. It is not for the easily offended. I attack the right. I attack the left. I attack the media. I attack the consumers. Turn away now if you don’t like the sound of that because you have been warned.

The world spent the last few days mourning the death of beloved NBA Icon/god/Legend/Superstar Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna as well as the seven others involved in a horrific helicopter accident.

  • Kobe Bryant
  • Gianna Bryant
  • John Altobelli
  • Keri Altobelli
  • Alyssa Altobelli
  • Christina Mauser
  • Sarah Chester
  • Payton Chester
  • Ara Zobayan

My heart goes out to every victim and their families. I can’t imagine the heartbreak they must be feeling.

In the wake of tragedy, we saw many emotional and heartfelt moments across the sports world honoring the fallen Black Mamba. His footprint on sports is unprecedented. Athletes always talk about Mamba Mentality, which is basically mental toughness and a will to win.

We saw NBA teams taking 8 second and 24 second violations paying homage to his two numbers worn for the Lakers. We saw Neymar hold up 2 and 4 on his hands to represent 24. We saw the NBA Hall Of Fame elect to enshrine him bypassing the voting process altogether. We saw all the heartfelt messages from fans and athletes alike sending off one of my generation’s heroes to many. We saw a small trash can set up in the streets of LA and people taking paper balls trying to shoot it while yelling KOBE!

The reality is, he and his family along with the family of the others deserved much much better. The media rushes to be first instead of being right. That is a fundamental problem, especially in circumstances of lives lost.

(Disclaimer: Last chance to turn away before I get nasty)

To ABC, I give you a heartfelt fuck you to the powers that be. Fuck you to the anchor who called it. Fuck you to the idiots who tweeted it. Fuck you to those who let it run. Fuck you to the entire operation. I hope you all come down with amoebic dysentery because you’re all full of shit.

The reason I say this is because this shit zipper media entity were the first to falsely report that Kobe along with all four of his daughters were on board that helicopter. The entire situation was every goddamn station rushing to get it first instead of getting it right. It became a complete clusterfuck of misinformation. False report after false report. That is not ok. It shouldn’t be ok. All these dildos should be held accountable. But they won’t be.

We see this all the time in journalism. You attack a journalist and they all come rushing to defend their own like a cult. We recent saw this when Felicia Sonmez of the Washington Post posted tweets about the alleged rape case in 2003 involving Bryant, which was dismissed and settled.

Someone dies and the first thing you bring up is the darkest hour from nearly two decades ago? Weird flex, but ok.

The case is closed. The victim wasn’t willing to testify and it was he said / she said. But we all know how powerful the court of public opinion is. It is ass backward. Say the right words or make the right accusation and it is guilty until proven innocent. Sometimes, even that isn’t enough.

If you were that concerned about the case, you had 17 years to bring that up and talk about it. You waited. You were wrong. You were fishing for retweets and hits on your column. Nothing more, nothing less. Save your social justice warrior bullshit.

When the backlash came directed at you, you played the victim like so many other reporters and column writers do. You put your fucking name on it so stand by it. Have some damn journalistic integrity. Stop being a coward. Instead, you ran and some others in the media claimed you did nothing wrong.

If you really felt that way, why on Earth would you delete the tweet after? If your employers told you to delete it, I thought you were doing the right thing in your eyes. Stand by your self righteous bullshit then.

Do I think you deserved threats? No, not even a little bit. Those people are morons too. But should you receive backlash? Absolutely. You made a choice to say it. Be accountable.

In other words, bye Felicia. Ya fucked up.

As for ABC, we are not talking about the media skewing statistics to show an angled side of the right or left. We are talking about the death of a husband, father, friend, son and so much more. Of all things, get that right. Show some moral high ground here and stop playing for ratings. You’re not only playing for ratings when you cover deaths, but you’re playing with the emotions of the fallen’s family.

Unfortunately, this problem doesn’t get resolved until we demand more of the media across the board. It doesn’t get resolved until we learn how to think critically as a society. I go back and forth at who is the bigger problem. The media or the people.

It is easy to blame the media. The reality is that as long as ratings stay up, they will keep rushing to be current and first over patient and right. Consumers can’t separate themselves emotionally regarding the information at hand. Consumers can’t see what is angled and what isn’t because they are too busy engaging in self-fulfilling prophecies to paint the other side as villains.

For example, I saw multiple people on my timeline share a graphic from Fox recently highlighting the unemployment rates of the last six presidents. The headline read “The chart the Trump Campaign should be plastering everywhere.” It was a graphic highlighting average unemployment rates under the last six who held office during their first 35 months in office. The chart showed the following…

  • Reagan 9%
  • H.W Bush 5.9%
  • Clinton 6.2%
  • W. Bush 5.5%
  • Obama 9.3%
  • Trump 3.9%

First of all, it is kind of moronic to look just at unemployment rates to determine who is a great president. But I will play the game for a second. Sure, Fox can drive home the point of the 3.9 that Trump currently has. Of course his supporters will bite. Because remember, consumers as a whole are ignorant.

What that graph fails to show is that when Obama took office, the unemployment rate was steadily increasing and capped at 9.9%. It steadily declined during year one of Trump to 4.1% in 2017. It was a sub 5.0% when Obama left office.

This is where it gets even more funny. Fox News is trying to paint Trump as the job god when there are underlying factors that can help the unemployment rate seem better than it is. Long term unemployment due to disabilities is not accounted for. People working two hours are technically gainfully employed. The rate can be plenty of smoke and mirrors.

Ironically enough, “smoke and mirrors” were the exact words of Fox News’ own Sean Hannity in 2014. He said that in regards to the unemployment rate to trash Obama. Now he too is jumping on the Trump bandwagon for unemployment rate. In 2018, he heralded Trump for the economy he built. But the consumers of Fox aren’t holding him accountable. Why would they? They are too blind to distinguish their ass from a hole in the ground.

Honestly, I probably rail more on the left despite the fact that I lean left. The left does a great job of cannibalizing itself. When the iron is hot, the right will strike accordingly. The are very calculated and good at it. They rarely attack their own. Quite honestly, I don’t fault them for it.

For example, math is racist. A teacher in Seattle linked the idea of critical thinking through the use of math to help students understand complex concepts such as economic class and racial class disparities. This led to professors at multiple universities like George Mason reacting and claiming “Math is Racist.” Of course the right finds someone they can easily lambaste on TV thus painting the picture of everyone on the left claiming “Math is Racist” when that is not what the original conversation was.

Unfortunately, the far left ran with that conversation instead of the actual conversation thus spinning into a whirlwind of stupidity across the board.

As far as the left goes, the simplest thing to rail on them for is limiting free speech. The left likes to talk about harmony, prosperity and acceptance, unless of course you disagree with their position on abortion, healthcare, gender or socialistic ideologies such as free healthcare and education. Then you’re just hateful person if you disagree.

I have socialistic ideologies that I believe in. The idea of socialism is ever evolving just like politics in general. Going back to FDR, many conservatives believed the New Deal was too socialist. Conservatives from decades ago would likely call conservatives of today socialists. It is a nice buzzword society uses. The needle moves as time moves. There are still many forms of socialism. It is not one size fits all.

Railing on both sides here when it comes to socialism, the right likes to point to places like Venezuela who are a complete disaster and ignore countries like Sweden or Canada.

Meanwhile the left likes to compare to those countries where socialism seems to be working for them. The left also conveniently leaves out one major problem when comparing, population size. The US is substantially larger than most of the small European countries it references. That matters.

An inability to listen and converse is a lost art. There is nothing wrong about disagreeing. There is also nothing wrong about calling out someone’s bullshit.

One of the terms I hate is agree to disagree because more often than not it is used when someone else does not have an argument to defend their own statements. No, I am not sorry. I don’t agree to disagree when someone is off base factually and logically. I am not giving you a hall pass for your lack of information. Part of that is my own fault of viewing debates as sport basically. Sometimes it comes across as insensitive. I like to debate. I like to talk about complex ideas with those who disagree. Especially when someone can challenge me on it. That is when progress gets made on the conversation. After coming to a total stalemate, then I will agree to disagree.

Just because I tend to lean more left and categorize myself as a democratic socialist, doesn’t mean I hate on those who have different beliefs than I do either. I don’t like that consumers follow and use terms such as socialist, conservative and liberal as punch lines and as a way to insult people for believing differently. That is a very ignorant way to discuss complex ideas. In a nutshell, that is what we are talking about here. Complexity.

Consumers are gullible and too damn panic driven. A perfect example of panic is when the US launched missiles at Iran. WW3 and Draft started trending on Twitter.

The US is one of the safest countries in the world as far as foreign enemies are concerned. Yet, our society panics anytime missiles are launched at other countries. WW3 has trended on more than once occasion including when Trump and the US dropped the Mother of All Bombs on Afghanistan to attack ISIS.

Sure, the US lived through 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, which of course are days that will live in infamy. We will never forget those days and the fallen on those days. We shouldn’t.

This is where hypocrisy plays a role in our society racially. How many times do you hear someone you know rail on the black community because we celebrate black history month or that slavery still gets brought up? I certainly have heard comments made about those things. My response is usually, by that logic, why do you not forget 9/11?

That is not because I believe you should forget about the victims of our not so finest hours. It is to paint the picture that it is unfair of you to ask someone else to do the same.

Going back to panic, there hasn’t been a war fought on this soil since the Civil War. So until ET shows up at my doorstep in a UFO, I am not panicking over war fought on American soil. Of course I have friends in the military and it 100% affects their livelihood and their families when the US attacks someone. I sympathize with that. But as far as non military citizens are concerned, we are safe. Save your panic.

Until we can be more informed and demand more from the media, they will continue to drive their own narratives unfairly and inaccurately for the sake of ratings. Both the media and overall population are to blame for it. It is vicious cycle that never ends.

All this being said, I will give the media slack for a lot of things, but reporting deaths or stories that could lead to deaths too early for ratings, I will never give them a pass. They botched this in a colossal way. They should be ashamed of themselves because of it.

You’re not only affecting the dead. You’re affecting the living. You are putting families through emotional turmoil which they already have enough of. That is completely inexcusable. Rick Fox talked about this on TV when his name was brought up among those on board when he wasn’t.

One of my favorite shows is HBO’s The Newsroom. The entire premise of the show is to do the news the way the news should be done. Treat it as a courtroom to sort out the facts. Whether you like what you are hearing or not, be truthful. Be honest. Be transparent.

This is one of my favorite scenes where the media infamously called former Senator Gabby Giffords dead after being shot. Instead of gathering the right information, they called it too soon. I thought I would share. Long story short, corporate wanted Will McAvoy to call it that Giffords was dead and follow in the footsteps of other entities.  However, the news team was on a mission to be right and not reactionary. This was well after the higher power attempted to create a narrative to fire McAvoy. The dialogue that followed is pure gold.

Will: You better tell Leona that if she wants me out of this chair, she better bring more than a couple of gals. 

Charlie: That’s exactly what I’ll fucking tell her.

Will: I’m not fucking around Charlie!

Charlie: Feed the fucking seals! 

Will: Mac…

Mac: I’m sorry. 

Will: It’s not your fault.

Mac: I fucked everything up!

Will: It’s gonna be alright. 

Don: What the fuck is going on?

Will: You’re a fucking newsman, Don! I ever tell you otherwise, you punch me in the face!

Don: K. But you’re back in 30. 

That back and forth of dialogue begins around 5:35 and it gives me goosebumps every single time.

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