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Thoughts Super Bowl LIV – Andy Reid, Kyle Shanahan, Patrick Mahomes, Jimmy Garoppolo and Tyrann Mathieu, Best Commercials

Another NFL season in the books. It seemed like yesterday, I was writing my predictions and coming up with fun ways to do power rankings as each week passed. Here we are, the NFL season has come and gone. The Super Bowl was the exclamation point on another great season. The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 in a game much closer than the score indicated.

As always, it was certainly a spectacle to see. This year was awesome from top to bottom. The game itself delivered in a big a way. The commercials had their moments. The halftime was fantastic. Another Super Bowl in the books and it was one of the better ones in recent years.

The TV ratings said so. This was the first time in four years, the Super Bowl saw an increase in the ratings and it was the 10th most watched Super Bowl in NFL history. However, not many attended the game. Super Bowl LIV saw an attendance number just over 62 thousand making it the second lowest attended in history. However, over 74 thousand tickets were sold.

That being said, let’s dive in…

San Francisco v Kansas City

I was pretty damn excited for this match up from the get go. This was two of the best teams this season. It was two teams who you can definitively see reaching the Super Bowl from very early on in this season.

The game itself delivered. One of the things I was most excited to see was the play calling. Both of these teams have very unique offenses because of their personnel. Both teams have track stars on their offense who they utilize in every way imaginable. We saw the Chiefs running various versions of the option to try and get the defensive front of San Francisco off balance. We saw the Chiefs breakout plays from the 1940s which was just fucking cool.

Nick Bosa was bringing the heat almost all game. We saw his talent on full freaking display. We saw San Francisco utilize that zone run that they do so well and throw Deebo Samuel into the mix giving them multiple methodical drives leading to points.

We saw San Francisco control the line of scrimmage for most of the game before the floodgates opened for the comeback by Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, something we saw this team do in the previous two postseason games.

Overall, this is easily one of my favorite Super Bowls in recent memory. From start to finish, I was nothing but entertained.

Andy Reid

I talked about Reid on my podcast and video before the Super Bowl. So many of the people I talk to felt the same way I did about Reid, they were pulling for the Chiefs mainly because of him.

Andy Reid prior to winning was far and away the best coach without a Super Bowl to his name. He is 6th all time in playoff wins and 7th all time in regular season wins. He has six conference championship appearances, two Super Bowl appearances and now a ring.

In 21 seasons as a head coach, he has missed the playoffs only six times and has finished a season with a losing record just three times. He has had so much damn success. He just hasn’t been able to win the Super Bowl until now.

Congrats to Reid on that first Super Bowl. If anyone deserves it, it is him.

Kyle Shanahan

Obviously the running joke here is the fact that Kyle Shanahan has been part of two blown leads in the Super Bowl (49ers and Falcons). Both of which came as a result of throwing late in the game and being overly aggressive. Sometimes you just have to protect your lead. I, along with many others, made the obvious joke about that.

Make no mistake about though, Kyle Shanahan is one of the best coaches in football. He and John Lynch getting the 49ers to the Super Bowl is remarkable considering how much of a dumpster they were after Jim Harbaugh was let go.

That culture is much different than just three years ago. His players had nothing but praise for him after the heartbreaking loss.

Patrick Mahomes

Two years as a starter and he has an MVP and Super Bowl MVP. Make no mistake. This is Patrick Mahomes’ league now.

Six years ago, the talk was Aaron Rodgers being the best talent to ever play the QB position. He had the mobility and arm like nothing the league has ever seen. Then Patrick Mahomes came along and basically shit on that. He is quicker to escape the pressure. I think he is more elusive. He has just as big of an arm and an accurate one.

No situation is too big for him and you saw this on full display this postseason. Three wins and all of which were in comeback fashion. In the Super Bowl, we saw him pressured over and over and over. In the end, he got it done and made the big throw downfield to Tyreek Hill on 3rd and 15 swinging the momentum. The floodgates opened.

Here he is already paving a legacy for himself in just his second year with wins, stats and hardware.

Jimmy Garoppolo

While Jimmy G wasn’t horrible in the Super Bowl, he certainly wasn’t great either. Because of the 49ers losing, there are now people saying trade him or cut him. Some are even saying cut him for the GOAT, Tom Brady. Yeah because that makes so much sense long term.

If the 49ers lost this game, we all knew who was going to shoulder most of the blame in this one regardless. Up until the 4th, Jimmy did his job helping the 49ers control the clock with sustainable drives that led to points.

Through three quarters, the 49ers had six drives and they were able to score on four of them. An offensive pass interference negated a 42 year pass to George Kittle before half which would have put them in field goal range. Take away the one interception, he was solid through three quarters.

Midway through the fourth, Jimmy G was 18 of 22 for 195 yards with a TD and INT. However, the fourth quarter as a whole was a nightmare for him. He finished 3 of 11 for 36 yards and an INT. He also took a sack on fourth down. Once the pressure started getting dialed up by Kansas City, he couldn’t respond.

One big issue was not finding the guy who was his number one option all season, George Kittle. He missed a wide open Kittle on multiple occasions in the fourth due to the pressure. He missed on a 2nd and 5 after Chris Jones swatted the pass at the line. On the very next play, George Kittle was open again and Garroplo misfired a pass to Kendrick Bourne.

Of course we all saw him overthrow Emmanuel Sanders on deep ball which inevitably would have led to a TD as he had his coverage beat by 2-3 steps.

Are people overreacting today about the 28-year-old quarterback? Probably. Is he good enough to win a Super Bowl? He was through three and a half quarters. He is 23-6 as a starter including playoffs. Pump the breaks a little.

Tyrann Mathieu

Another player I am happy for is Honeybadger. People fall down sometimes like when he was booted from LSU. When people fall, the rise back is always a glorious story to tell. This dude is a different guy than he was six years ago. I love that he has made a significant impact on multiple playoff defenses in his young career. I loved seeing his leadership on display on the sidelines Sunday yelling for everyone to tighten up. There are guys who do that in a way where other players respond, he is one of them. That is why he is wearing that “C” on his jersey.

I remember when he declared for the draft that Saints wanted him to come to New Orleans. I always thought why? So he can be out of the league in two years because he can’t leave the environment that drug him down behind. That is not something I wanted to see for him.

He obviously was drafted by the Cardinals to pair with his former LSU teammate Patrick Peterson. Now, he is a household name in the NFL living up to his nickname. He is a chess piece on defense because of his instincts and play-making ability. He is a do-it-all kind of player. Seeing him reach the mecca of the NFL was glorious.

Best Commercials

1. Arya Stark aka Maise Williams singing Let It Go

I didn’t know how much I needed this in my life until I saw it.

2. Jason Momoa Being Jason Momoa

Let’s be honest. If you’re a heterosexual male, he is one person who can make you swing from the other side of the plate. This was just a classic case of Momoa.

3. Lil Nas X v Sam Elliott

Anytime Sam Elliott is in the equation, I’m in. Dude is a legend.

4. Don’t Ever Change Tom

We now know what the cryptic IG post was. He has been trolling on IG for the last few years and the end of this commercial is brilliant.

5. Post Malone Going Crazy

I’ll ignore the fact you’re drinking a seltzer because you are Post Malone. This was just hilarious.


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