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The Results Are In…My Enneagram Type

Last week, I posed the question of what your Enneagram is. I wanted to share my results in this separate post and share some anecdotes and examples of why that type fits me. I took this test about six months ago when someone had told me about this after posting my Myers Briggs. I decided to take it again after someone mentioned it again. My results were consistent on both tries.

Drum roll please…

I am a Type 8. I am The Challenger or Protector.

My Wing – The Maverick

Each type has a wing. While your main Type dominates how you perceive and experience life, your wing has a very strong influence on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The two wings for Type 8 are 8w7 and 8w9.

The 8w7 is known as the Maverick who is more extroverted, enterprising, entergetic, quick, materialistic, power-seeking and egocentric.

The 8w9 is known as the Bear who is mild-mannered, gentle, receptive, enjoy their comfort-seeking, people oriented and quietly strong.

I wanted to share this before diving into the core of my Type. While most people take on both wings depending on their situations and surroundings, you’re graded out on the wing next to your type. I graded out as 8w7 so I am the Maverick.

I find it humorous and ironic because I am a big video game person. I love creating my own character whether it be wrestling, UFC, basketball or whatever game it may be. I always choose Maverick as my nickname when I create myself. I started using that on video games within the last 8-10 years. With the last name Hotard, the game never says my last name so I needed something that rolled off the tongue with Michael or Mike and I love alliteration (hence Hotard Huddle) thus Mike the Maverick or Michael the Maverick.

I view myself as a bit of a Maverick so it fits. I don’t necessarily agree with people for the sake of not hurting feelings. I won’t go along with something just because it may be the popular thing to do.

Part of the definition is being unorthodox and that is basically my M.O. in sports. I am right handed, but left footed. Basketball was tough for me to develop my game into what it is now because of that. I still shoot a knuckle ball on the court, but manage to find the hole now. Everything I do looks ugly still, but at least it’s effective. The word Maverick has always called home to me. Plus, I love Maverick from Top Gun so that resonates.

Core Fear

Fear of being weak, powerless or vulnerable, underestimated, humiliated, harmed, manipulated and at the mercy of injustice.

I would say yes to half of those. I like having control of my own life. I don’t like being told what to do. However, I know when I need to be willing to bend on that. Obviously workplace is one of them. That is also why I went into business for myself. I enjoy playing to the beat of my own drum.

One of the things mentioned that I absolutely do not fear is being underestimated because that has been something I have dealt with most of my life. In fact, I mentioned sports earlier about how unorthodox I am. I have been playing sports since I was 4 and I have always felt underestimated. It used to bother me and now I don’t give a shit. That has helped me in other aspects of life.

Just last week I was guarding someone in my basketball league. I am all of 5’8 and I am playing down low. This guy (probably 45 or so) is a lengthy 6’2. He proceeded to back me down and was relentlessly demanding the ball as if to say this guy can’t guard me. He attempts to do a turnaround when he got the ball and I just held my arms up, altered the shot and he missed short. He then goes over my back making contact (no call by the way) to try and get the board. I manage to get the rebound. As I came down with the ball, I told him get big since he decided to run his mouth about me guarding him. The next possession he moves to the other side on offense. He starts yelling for the ball again and when he rotated to my side, I laughed and told him you don’t want that smoke over here huh?

Don’t @ Me el oh el.

Core Desire

Desire to protect themselves from harm, being challenged and controlled.

Again, agree to some. As far as being challenged, I love debating hence my Myers Briggs being known as The Debater. Challenge isn’t an issue. I always like a challenge physically or mentally. But like I said before, being controlled or harmed, get off my lawn with that shit. Whether it is physical or verbal, I don’t fuck with that.

There are many people who find me a little too abrasive and direct because of it. I had someone tell me recently that when I get attacked, I don’t follow the ladder. Basically saying that I don’t work my way up going from A to B to C etc. When someone gets to C, I just go to Z.

That is true. Because if someone decides to attack me verbally (physical doesn’t tend to happen or shouldn’t at 28), I will end it before it really begins. I just don’t see the point in wasting time if someone wants to play that game. If someone verbally jabs me, I’ll just bring the haymaker.

I had posted my top 10 NFL QBs like I do every year. Someone I didn’t know went on a rant in the comments regarding my opinion then proceeded to make a point that I never played QB so how could I possibly know what I am talking about?

One of my biggest pet peeves is arguing from a place of authority, meaning using the fact you’re a parent or have a degree in something to tell someone they’re wrong when they may not be.

My response to this person when he said that was well, you’ve never played a down in the NFL either so how could YOU possibly know what you are talking about? He called it a low blow because he was a college QB and we ended up squashing it and having a decent conversation after.

You can challenge me on anything, I am open to it. But, be good at it.

Self Image

I am a generous and loyal friend. I am honest and assertive and will always protect those I care for.

I am very accepting and make friends easily. I love talking to people from all walks of life and that is where I have parts of Wing 9 in me. One of my favorite parts of my blog is the current podcast. I love sitting and chatting with a friend for an hour about their story.

I had someone tell me recently that I am good at making people feel like they have been my friend for years when I meet someone. Part of that is from wanting to lift people up. I was telling someone recently that year after year, there are always a dozen or so people who I end up befriending and it is usually two or three who I establish a strong friendship with. The people who reciprocate the friendship with honesty are always going to have me in their corner to help them when they need it.

One of my favorite stories is a night out in college. One of my closest friends in college was being fucked with by one of his teammates for not being able to travel for a trip to Oregon. Long story short, we were all sitting at a table in Peppers (where we all went to eat before going home). I looked at the dude dead in the face and said bro why are you fucking with him? You are a middle linebacker who can’t start on a defense giving up 350 rushing yards per game. Needless to say, he threatened to kick my ass and I told him he wouldn’t do a goddamn thing. He didn’t.

I saw him outside after and had a drink in my hand. He was standing with some girls. He proceeded to try and knock the drink out of my hand and whiffed. I chugged it immediately channeling my inner Stone Cold Steve Austin and said that’s why you don’t start, bitch. Walked my happy ass down the street and screamed back thanks for coming out, we’ll call ya.

Core Weaknesses

I can be quick to anger, demanding, insensitive, blunt, challenging and refuse to see how I am hurting others.

Yes to all of the above. I wouldn’t say quick to anger. But when that anger flares up, I get silent. When I get silent, that’s not good for me or anyone around me. Once I go silent, it can boil over in a hurry.

When I do get pissed, I become very insensitive and say exactly what I think. I lack compassion when it comes to honest emotion and facts. I don’t sugar coat the truth nor do I not say something for fear of hurting someone. That is where my insensitivity comes. I wouldn’t say it is a refusal to see how I am hurting someone. I would say it is a refusal to care that I am hurting them if it is rooted in fact. That makes me tough to get along with for people sometimes. I would rather my friends know where they stand instead of second guessing.

One of my very best friends because of past experience second guesses a lot of things. He has reassurance in our friendship because he knows I will never mislead him. A few months back, someone we both know told him something that I had said about him. He told the person he knows because we had the conversation before.

That person we both know had a falling out with me because of my demanding, blunt and challenging personality. We just didn’t mesh right I guess. It isn’t the first nor will it be the last friend I lose. It happens.

I do my best to be their for friends when they need me, but I will never not call them out for their bullshit.

Core Longing

They just need to know they won’t be betrayed.

Don’t do it.

At Their Best

They are compassionate, inspiring, protective, self-confident, empowering, energetic, direct and resilient. 

All of the above to a tee. I feel like most days I am at my best. Because I work from home, I feel like most of the outside noise that brings out the worst in me is limited. That of course does not mean I don’t have bad days. Even when I do, most days my wife and son can help me flip the switch…most days.

At Their Worst

They are loud, self-centered, insensitive, domineering, vengeful, excessive, controlling and rebellious.

Again, all of the above. I am very tough to be around when I am at my worst. The only part of that I disagree with is loud. Because my rage tends to be silent. I go quiet when I am pissed.

The worst usually will come out for a number of reasons.

The first and most common is feeling I have to dig for the truth. I prefer straight shooting. In business, I have learned that it comes with the territory of selling. I don’t like it any more than I did yesterday, but I learn to manage it. In life, don’t play games with me.

The second way to bring out the worst side is a constant negative or highlighting flaws only. There are many things I am bad at and I am aware of them, don’t minimize the good to focus on bad. I get real testy when that happens.

The third is explanation over accountability. If I face my flaws, so should other people. If someone’s tendency is to automatically explain shortcomings when challenged, I don’t vibe with it. I won’t bend until you break basically.

How to Treat Type 8

Stand up for yourself and for me. Be confident, strong and direct. Acknowledge the contributions that I make. My direct way of speaking is not a personal attack against you. Notice my tender side that I tend to hide.

Standing Up – YES! YES! YES! I believe we have a duty to stand up for ourselves and others when it is warranted. There was a time someone railed on a buddy for missing an event, I explained why. That person tried to double down and I shut it down because the reason was legitimate.

Being Direct – I can take direction and criticism. It just needs to be fair. I do the same in being direct because it is my nature. If my intention is to hurt feelings, you will likely know if when that time arises.

Acknowledgment – *See Above What Brings Out My Worst*

Notice My Tender Side – I think most of my closest friends would say I do my best to make them feel important and that they matter to me. Because of my personality, I believe I am mis-characterized by many people. I completely understand why too. Not that it bothers me, it doesn’t. It is just something I am conscience of.

My Final Scores

Type 1 – Perfectionist – 83%
Type 2 – The Giver – 73%
Type 3 – The Achiever – 88%
Type 4 – The Individualist – 67%
Type 5 – The Investigator – 82%
Type 6 – The Skeptic – 91%
Type 7 – The Enthusiast – 78%
Type 8 – The Challenger – 98%
Type 9 – The Peacemaker – 43%







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