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Hotard Huddle March Madness Final Four Results – Winner Announced

Happy quarantine Friday everyone. What a week it has been with all the Coronavirus mess. Let’s have some fun and take our minds off that for a minute. Earlier today, I posted the elite 8 and how each bracket played out. Some surprised, some not so surprises. THIS IS MARCH MADNESS BABYYYY (Dick Vitale voice)!

Let’s start with the Final Four!

  • Disney Brackets – Flights of Passage def. Mickey Mouse
  • TV Shows Bracket – The Office def. Game of Thrones
  • Sports Bracket – D2: The Mighty Ducks def. Bobby Boucher
  • 90s Bracket – Nintendo 64 def. Michael Jordan

Here is a little breakdown on each winner of the respective brackets…

  • Flights of Passage

I am shocked, but then again I am not. I didn’t personally vote for Flights despite how much I loved the ride when I rode it. The Avatar Banshee thriller opened in 2017. I guess this winning is a great symbol of Walt Disney’s vision for progress. Despite a heavy bracket filled with originals such as Magic Kingdom and Mickey Mouse (both gaining a ton of support), it wasn’t enough to overcome progress. I think that is real cool because as the late Walt said…

“I only hope we never lose sight of one thing…that it was all started by a mouse.”

This bracket shows Disney fans did not lose sight, they just let the progress take over some. His vision is alive and well people!

  • The Office

It is arguably the most popular show ever made. The following for The Office is massive and the people who don’t watch sure as hell know at least a little about it. Being more of a newcomer to the Dunder Mifflin family, I was pumped to see this one make it out the winner of the bracket. The fact the last episode aired 7 years ago and the first episode aired 15 years ago speaks volumes to it’s popularity given the mainstream culture of it.

Michael Scott nailed it when he said “Would I rather be feared or love? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”


  • D2 The Mighty Ducks

I honestly did not expect the bracket to be dominated more so by sports movies. But again, THIS IS MARCH MADNESS BABYYY! If it was going to be dominated by sports movies, I am glad the movie that came out on top was my favorite sports movie ever made. Don Tibbles was right…

Today, it’s wheaties boxes. Tomorrow, it’s video games and action figures. The sky’s the limit!

Ducks fly together!

  • Nintendo 64

Next to PS2, the 64 is probably my favorite gaming console ever made. The graphics were amazing for the time. The titles were some of the best. It was the beginning of a new era in gaming. I used to stay up for hours with my friends playing titles such as WWF No Mercy, WCW/NWO Revenge, Mario Party, Mario Kart and Super Mario 64.

Get N or Get Out.

The 64 got in on this one, owning the 90s bracket.


  • Flights of Passage (Disney) def. The Office (TV)
  • Nintendo 64 (90s) def. D2 The Mighty Ducks (Sports)

The Finals 

  • Nintendo 64 def. Flights of Passage

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 of each bracket in voting and where their fate took them…

Top 5 Voted Disney World 

  1. Flights of Passage (Finals) – 30 points
  2. Magic Kingdom (Sweet 16) – 20 points 
  3. Mickey Mouse (Elite 8) – 18 points 
  4. Animal Kingdom (2nd Round) – 13 points 
  5. Expedition Everest (2nd Round) – 10 points 

Top 5 Voted TV Shows

  1. The Office (Final Four) – 29 points
  2. Boy Meets World (Sweet 16) – 26 points 
  3. Game of Thrones (Elite 8) – 20 points 
  4. Breaking Bad (1st Round) – 19 points
  5. The Sopranos (2nd Round) – 8 points

Top 5 Voted Sports

  1. D2 The Mighty Ducks (Final Four) – 26 points
  2. Remember The Titans (2nd Round) – 20 points
  3. Bobby Boucher (Elite 8) – 19 points
  4. Shooter McGavin (1st Round) – 16 points
  5. Rocky Balboa (2nd Round) – 14 points

Top 5 Voted 90s

  1. Nintendo 64 (Winner) – 54 points
  2. Michael Jordan (Elite 8) – 27 points 
  3. Goldeneye (2nd Round) – 24 points
  4. Boy Bands (Sweet 16) – 20 points
  5. Pokemon  (1st Round) – 19 points 




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