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What a Dick Move During a Pandemic

Two weeks ago, I went out for water and Toilet Paper as stocks at the store have been diminished. Of course, I was not able to find water. However, I did find Toilet Paper at a Dollar General. I was able to snag two of the last four packs on the shelf.

At this point, I was already frustrated. I understand preparedness, but stocking as if we are about to go into full Zombieland is a bit overkill. We all see what is happening in stores via FB. It is not an exaggeration. Stores are literally running out of certain products.

I get on Facebook later and find a local business using that as a launch point to drive in business. They were running a special where if you spend $25, you get a free roll of toilet paper. In the post, they mentioned that they had “lots.”

I understand we are all trying to make it through the spread of the Coronavirus. I understand businesses need to survive. We have to use the best methods in order to do that.

One of my friends had told me a business they work for was running ads regarding Covid19 to help get more sales. The particular business provides a service that will distance people from others. I just don’t feel that falls under the same blanket. You are educating people about your service which is ok.

My marketing company is running a brand awareness ad with strategies on how to keep people informed through Facebook. Basically, the do’s and don’t’s of posting. There is no catch. We are not even capturing emails from business owners with that ad. It simply feels dirty to do that. I am not using the ad as a launch point for leads.

So when I saw this post of a local business hoarding toilet paper and using it as a means to sell product, it is a dick bag move. You’re capitalizing your business on the pain points of your community. The same community your FB constantly states you love. That is a weird way of showing it.

Of course, everyone in the comments who loves the business ate it up as if it’s some giant joke.

So in other words, I can purchase $25 of product in order to get one roll of toilet paper. If you’re hoarding it, why not just donate it or sell it at the price you paid? You used it to drive traffic. Congrats on being a total piece of shit for using an entire community’s pain point to capitalize.


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