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Buddy Meter Quizzes – How Well Do The Folks Know the Man Behind the Huddle?

I am sure if you’re on Facebook, you have been seeing friends make their Buddy Meter quizzes. It is 10 random questions that people answer about the person. It is vintage MySpace type shit and I am about that life.

I am going to treat the winner to a hardy slice of Fat Boy’s Pizza. Once all this Covid19 clears up, the first order of business is going to Fat Boy’s and being a fat boy adding to the fat boy I am already becoming.

Here is how the scores played out…

  • Anonymous – 10
  • 1 – 8
  • David – 7
  • Friend – 7
  • Danny – 7
  • Lance – 6
  • Chelsea – 6
  • Rod – 6
  • Mallisa – 6
  • Laura – 6
  • Baseball – 6
  • Deadbutt – 5
  • Tom Brady – 5
  • Blake – 5
  • Cole – 5
  • Matt – 5
  • Hammer – 4
  • Charles – 4
  • Kurt – 4
  • Ryan – 4
  • Matt – 4
  • Brandox – 3
  • Wes – 3
  • Grant – 3
  • Deez – 3
  • Friendly anon – 2
  • Pistol – 2
  • Pickle – 1
  • Achoo – 1

Some of the names, I have no idea who you are. At least if you are going to use a nickname, know one I am at least familiar with like Baseball (it sucks), Deadbutt or Brandox.

1 – If Mike meets a genie, what would be his wish?

  • AEW Champion
  • Hotard Huddle Takeover
  • ESPN Personality
  • Million Dollars

Synopsis: There is only one of these that would never be the answer. ESPN. If you chose that, be ashamed. I hate the machine that is ESPN and all the bullshit they put out. They would have to give me a life changing amount of money and creative control of all my content. Then, I would just break the wheel because fuck them. That being said, I have always wanted to be an professional wrestler and I am a mark for AEW. AEW Champion it is. Hotard Huddle takeover would come with that as well as a million. One wish turned into 3. Boom.  

2 – Which superpower would Mike choose?

  • Fly Like Superman
  • Be Invisible
  • See Ghosts
  • Read People’s Minds

Synopsis: This is one of the easiest questions on here. My friends know I am a person of transparency and I don’t like bullshitters. If I could read people’s minds, it would alleviate that issue completely. 

3 – What does Mike drink the most?

  • Coke
  • Beer
  • Whiskey
  • Dr. Pepper

Synopsis: Beer and Coke were the only two up for grabs. I hate Dr. Pepper and I am not a big hard liquor guy. If I do drink liquor, whiskey is my choice. There is usually beer in my fridge before coke. 

4 – Which fast food restaurant does Mike prefer the most?

  • Pizza Hut
  • McDonald’s
  • Subway
  • Taco Bell
  • Wendy’s
  • Chick Fil A
  • Cane’s

Synopsis: The only two options here were Chick Fil A and Cane’s. I went with the latter. I would have sex with a gallon of Cane’s sex and not be ashamed about it.

5 – Who is Mike’s favorite athlete?

  • LeBron James
  • Steph Curry
  • Tom Brady
  • Drew Brees

Synopsis: LOL to anyone who chose Brees. He’s last on this list. He’s not even in the top 5 favorite Saints players ever. So no. The answer is THE GOAT. Tom Brady. Also to the person who put Tom Brady as their name and choose Brees…the hell are you doing? 

6 – Which Animal does Mike dream to pet?

  • Tiger
  • Bear
  • Lion
  • Shark

Synopsis: King of the jungle all day. 

7 – What famous person dead or alive would Mike most like to spend time with for a day?

  • Barack Obama
  • Walt Disney
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Donald Glover

Synopsis: All are acceptable, but one rules all. He created the most magical place on Earth. It is no secret how much I love his idea of honoring the past while embracing the future. He also has probably my favorite quote in the history of mankind…”I only hope we never lose sight of one thing…that it was all started by a mouse.” He is proof that the simplest idea can change the entire world. Mickey Mouse did. 

8 – What type of movies does Mike like?

  • Romance
  • Action
  • Thriller
  • Comedy
  • Horror

Synopsis: Lights, Cameras, ACTION! That is the go-to for me. I love a good comedy, but give me the choice of good comedy or good action, the latter wins. 

9 – In Mike’s free time, where would Mike go?

  • Gym
  • Sporting Event
  • Out to Eat
  • Home 
  • Bar

Synopsis: Once again, the obvious choice is far from the reality. Fans annoy me so live sporting events are out unless we are talking wrestling. Out to eat and bar maybe, but honestly, I like sitting my happy ass at home with beer and videos games at my disposal.

10 – Mike’s favorite TV Series is…

  • Game of Thrones
  • Breaking Bad
  • Friends
  • The Office
  • Boy Meets World

Synopsis: I love all 5. While I think GOT is the best series ever made, it is not my favorite. Mainly because I tend to gravitate toward easy watch shows that I don’t have to pay attention to every second of. Boy Meets World, Friends and The Office are splitting hairs. But, BMW gets the nod because I watch it every single year. I have seen it more than any other series and I know it better than any other series. 




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