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The Hotard Huddle Quarantine Houses

One of the games traveling around social media right now has been to pick your quarantine house. It consists of 5 or 6 houses with different groups of people that fall under one umbrella meaning sports, movies, celebs from certain cities, etc. This post will be light and simply where I pick my ultimate quarantine house across multiple categories. Each house will hold five people from each category.

TV Show Characters

  • George Feeny

Wisdom beyond belief. Plus we must protect George Feeny at all costs.

  • Walter White

No reason other than he can cook meth. That at least gives the house some income.

  • Chandler Bing

Comedic relief to an annoying situation.

  • Joey Tribbiani

Well it just seems wrong to break up the bromance.

  • Tyrion Lannister

He drinks and he knows things…so do I.


  • Chris Jericho

This would be a great opportunity to ask him to finish the list of 1,004 holds of Jericho.

  • The Rock

In addition to adding some quality shit talking to the house, that is the prime workout partner.

  • Ric Flair

Here is my drinking partner for every night. We style and profile, Wooooo!

  • Randy Orton

Someone gets too out of control and there is nothing an RKO outa nowhere can’t fix.

  • Orange Cassidy

Wouldn’t it be great? He just walks around the house going for the kicks of doom and giving half-assed thumbs up to people.

80s Movie Characters

  • Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid)

If there is someone who can get your mind right in stressful situations, it’s Mr. Miyagi.

  • Chunk (The Goonies)

Good for laughs and someone to make fun of. Team truffle shuffle.

  • Scott Howard (Teen Wolf)

The basketball games would be lit.

  • John Bender (The Breakfast Club)

The ultimate high school bad boy. Bender was the man. I feel like he used to isolation due to the 2 months of detention he received from Principal Vernon.

  • Linda Barrett (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

Absolute smoke show.


  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

He is everything I would aspire to be if I were a professional athlete.

  • Marshawn Lynch

On top of being just someone funny to hang with, unlimited skittles…yes please.

  • Rob Gronkowski

Someone to get shitty with.

  • Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant

For not other reason than to get these two together and stoke the fire.

Political Figures / Pundits

  • Barack Obama

Presidency aside (which I liked), seems like a quality dude to have a beer with.

  • George W. Bush

Let’s bring the party animal out if we are going to hunker down.

  • Ben Shapiro

I don’t align with him on many issues and I would love to talk with him about said issues.

  • Bill Maher

He can just be the biggest snarky dick and it would be hilarious.

  • Donald Trump

Obama and Maher under one roof with Trump…chaos ensues and it would be glorious.




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    Jeremy Moriarity

    Fun read for sure

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