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Laugh of the Day: Trump Appoints Vince McMahon to Economic Task Force

Plain and simple, Vince McMahon being appointed by President Donald Trump for the economic task force can only be added to the long list of ignorant tweets, dumb decisions and downright stupidity of the guy holding the oval office.

Whether you want to admit it or not, sports are a driving force behind the United States economy. I understand Mark Cuban. I understand Dana White. But Vincent Kennedy McMahon? Get the fuck out of here.

I’m no economic expert who has all the answers and I won’t pretend to be. But Vince McMahon? Really? The same Vince McMahon who…

  • Filed for bankruptcy on his SECOND attempt at the XFL. The first failing miserably.
  • A mass lay off of employees this week which will only save them $4 million despite the $500 million in cash reserves. Which has more to do with the next point more than Covid19.
  • WWE dropped in key metrics in 2019 including ticket sales, network subscriptions, low consumer product sales across all channels
  • Continued failure of the WWE network since launching in 2014

McMahon has been on a collision course with failure after failure since being exposed by the pipe bomb of 2011 dropped by CM Punk.

“Vince McMahon is going to make money despite himself. He’s a millionaire who should be a billionaire. You know why he’s not a billionaire? Because he surrounds himself with glad-handed, nonsensical, douchebag (censored) yes men, like John Laurinitus, who’s going to tell him everything he wants to hear.” 

Things have only continued to get worse with more light being shed on the incompetence of the WWE CEO. Yet, Trump still appoints a guy who’s track record as of late is miserable. I am sure he can really offer some sound advice on getting out of a hole.



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