Earlier today, I watched one of my favorite childhood movies…Mortal Kombat. The movie based off the classic arcade style fighting video game.

For 90s kids like myself, this was a staple video game of our childhood which has obviously released many more titles along the way. The latest release coming about a year ago.

The movie franchise didn’t last long. The first movie was fantastic becoming a total cult classic. Shortly after, the sequel Mortal Kombat Annihilation absolutely bombed. I enjoyed the wide range of all the characters featured in the sequel including Nightwolf, Smoke and a larger role for Jax. However, many hated it.

It pretty much broke all of our hearts when Johnny Cage was murdered by Shao Kahn in the first 5 minutes. You sons of bitches! That’s why your movie bombed!

When it was announced a few years back that a total reboot was in the works, the nostalgia flowed through my veins exciting me. The new live action R-rated reboot is set for 2021. The cast is real solid. I can’t wait to see it.

That being said, I thought what a great way than to draft my fantasy lineup for each character if you will. I will include the characters of the first two games excluding a few such as a Noob Saibot. I will add some face characters from the third installment and beyond. I am not up to date enough to speak on the newer characters like Cassie Cage and Frost.

Johnny Cage – Chris Pratt


Kano – Luke Evans


Liu Kang – Tony Jaa


Raiden – Jean Claude Van Damme


Scorpion – Jason Statham


Sonya Blade – Jennifer Lawrence


Sub-Zero – Tom Hardy

Sub Zero

Goro – Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson


Shang Tsung – Ken Watanabe


Reptile – Rami Malek


Baraka – Vin Diesel


Jade – Zoe Saldana


Jax – Michael B Jordan


Kintaro – Dave Bautista


Kitana – Olivia Munn


Kung Lao – Brian Tee

Kung Lao

Mileena – Alexandra Daddario


Shao Kahn – Dwayne The Rock Johnson


Kabal – Adam Driver


Motaro – Josh Brolin


Nightwolf – Jason Momoa


Sheeva – Ronda Rousey


Sindel – Lena Headey


Stryker – John Cena


Test your might and leave a comment with your dream cast for Mortal Kombat! Enjoy the theme while doing so.


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