Days like today make me proud and also sad for the human race at the same time. Today, I have seen my social media feeds flooded with Run with Maud posts, where people run 2.23 miles to honor and raise awareness for Ahmaud Arbery who was shot in cold blood on February 23rd.

It is another example of public pressure being applied for justice to be served.

In most cases, I scale back and try not to take a side until the evidence is presented. Many videos that surface don’t necessarily tell the whole story. We usually see the last few minutes or seconds of the entire incident. It paints it with a questionable brush at best.

This one was not much different in terms of video length, however, it didn’t take long for me to decide where I stood on this case.

Everything about the situation is disgusting and horrifying.

I watched the video of Ahmaud being gunned down by the two senseless pieces of shit named Travis and Gregory McMichael. Watching this poor man’s body go lifeless after being pursued and shot by these deadheads infuriates me.

They had no business chasing him. They had no business using weapons on a public street. They attempted to make a wrongful citizen’s arrest (legal in Georgia), despite having no evidence of the crimes in question.

They broke the law when they killed him making the citizen’s arrest.

The only evidence to the alleged string of break ins was he “fit the description,” in other words, he’s black. Apparently, these two scumbags don’t know that black people look different just like white people due to different genetic codes.

While I have no evidence to back my claim of racial profiling, I know enough about people moving the goal posts allowing them to be an open racist. That’s what this entire situation smells like.

“USA TODAY filed an open public records request with the Glynn County Police Department for burglaries and home break-ins in the Satilla Shores neighborhood between Jan. 1 and Feb. 23. The department’s records office said in an email Thursday it had no records matching that request.”

Of course in the McMichael’s report filed after the incident, they stated Aubery “violently attacked” them. Well no shit dildos, you were armed. I mean, I certainly wouldn’t greet you with open arms if I was cornered by some Deliverance looking sons of bitches wielding weapons. Luckily, they have been arrested and will stand trial in front of a Grand Jury. Fingers crossed they get what they deserve.

But, where would we be if this video hadn’t been released?

Shortly after the release, this story spread like a wildfire. Had it not, would we have another case of a black person killed for simply having a darker skin color?

After all, this case was swept under the rug for nearly two months.

Because of the role Gregory McMichael had within the law enforcement, many of the higher profile judiciary employees including multiple DAs recused themselves of the case. That plus shutdowns with Covid19 have slowed the progression of this tragic incident. The virus should obviously be noted here.

The worst part in all this, one of the recused, Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney George E. Barnhill suggested in his initial memo following the incident that it was “unclear who pulled the trigger” and was quoted with the following…

“Arbery’s mental health records and prior convictions help explain his apparent aggressive nature and his possible thought pattern to attack an armed man.”

The narrative was already being spun in defense of the two bozos who pursued then shot him while the guy was on a fucking run.

If I am being totally honest, this sounds like something straight out of To Kill A Mockingbird. Without the release of this video by Criminal Defense Attorney Alan Tucker, this is likely still ongoing and doesn’t get resolved.

The power of video is ever important in 2020. That video was disgusting and so are those two assholes.




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