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One Year Since Re-Launching: 5 Favorite Columns in that time

I am officially on my countdown to the big 500. To think I have written nearly 500 posts in the last four years is pretty fucking awesome.

I launched this blog in May 2016. It has been four wonderful years as my passion for writing is at an all-time high.

Before my son was born, I took a break in August 2018. That lasted until May 2019. So it has been one year since re-launching Hotard Huddle. I have written quite a bit, racking up over 200 posts in that time span. I wanted to share my five favorite columns since re-launching.

June 2019 – 28 Years Around the Sun: 28 Things My Friends Say About Me

I asked 28 different family/friends to say their honest thoughts about me and I loved some of things I heard.

November 2019 – Week 12 Power Rankings – Every Team as a Rule of Wedding Crashers

Throughout the 2019 NFL Season, I did a weekly power ranking and chose a line of comparison. My final ranking for the season was Week 12 in which I compared every team to one of the rules from Wedding Crashers.

December 2019 – Reality of Marriage and Relationships

I have been with my wife since we were 15. I talk about the idea behind marriage being unnatural to the human condition and how every single day is a choice we have to make.

March 2020 – Dead Money Mickey – Jeff Ireland Saved Mickey Loomis From Disaster

Saints GM Mickey Loomis gets all the credit for the Saints front office success. However, I don’t believe he should. The one guy in the office who should always gets lost in the shuffle.

May 2020 – Look in the Mirror: Society and the Media Have the Same Confirmation Bias Problem

We complain so much about the media having political agendas, but yet our society buys in and keeps that cycle going.


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