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Hotard Huddle Fact Check: Florida Beaches Banned to LA Residents?

Another day and another case of what appears to be FB being flooded with potential misinformation. I’ve been seeing this article pop up from the flagship radio station of New Orleans (WWL). It has also been shared by others like WAFB.

I saw something first pop up about this last night and it was an article from March, when there was in fact a ban. Since then I’ve been seeing it pop up more with one minor change…the date on the articles are reflecting current dates.

However, if you look up Ron DeSantis banning LA, the first articles you will see come from March (all Florida based entities) which leads me to believe it is once again people reacting and thus spreading.

Wouldn’t Florida media sites be inclined to share the information with it’s residents since they could allegedly be penalized for renting to LA residents?

If I’m wrong and there is a recent video of a press conference or anything definitive, please feel free to share.

This isn’t it.

Can we just stop reacting and actually fact check? We want the media to be better, but we’re not. Thus the cycle goes.





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