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Top 10 Dream Feuds for Wrestling

Recently, I asked my friends and followers for some topics to help get over the hump of writer’s block (it worked). One suggested a list of dream wrestling feuds. These feuds can include the stars of the past, the stars of today or even the stars of tomorrow.

Here are my top 10 Dream Matches of Wrestling…

10. Rey Fenix v Rey Mysterio

Fenix is one of the hottest stars in AEW, meanwhile Rey Mysterio is arguably the most famous high flyer to ever grace the squared circle. During the WCW glory days, the Cruiserweight division was one of the hottest parts. That catapulted Mysterio into another level. Now, Fenix takes on the same daredevil approach to wrestling. Seeing those two tie up just once would be amazing and breathtaking.

9. (Demon) Finn Balor v Broken Matt Hardy

These are easily two of my favorite gimmicks in wrestling history. Seeing these two in a long rivalry building to a match between the Demon King against Broken Matt would be WONDERFUL! Having video packages like the one below leading up the match would certainly keep me on the edge of my seat.

8. MJF v Eddie Guerrero

MJF is one of the top heels in AEW, while the late Eddie Guerrero was such a good heel that people had to cheer. He still managed to use those heel tactics even in his runs as a babyface. Seeing a rivalry between these would be hilarious. Both epitomize how to win with underhanded tactics. It would be cool to see MJF strut arrogantly around the ring (as the heel) while Eddie works as a face eventually going over with an underhanded tactic to set MJF off, similar to when he unlaced his boot before Kurt Angle applied the Angle Lock thus reversing with a small package pin for the 1-2-3.

7. Bullet Club v NWO

Arguably the two biggest factions to ever take shape in the wrestling world. Both have plenty of members who claim affiliation. Both don the black and white. Both are a symbol of power. Both launched civil wars. There are so many great parallels between the two. They both have some of the best wrestlers to ever grace the ring. This would be a complete dream scenario as far as factions go. I honestly wouldn’t know who to cheer for. While I certainly resonate more with NWO (nostalgia and childhood), the leaders of the Bullet Club are some of my favorites (Prince Devitt aka Finn Balor, AJ Styles and Kenny Omega). It would be too sweet. To answer Scott Hall, I want a war.

6. Orange Cassidy v Chris Jericho

They have been teasing a feud between Cassidy’s group Best Friends and Jericho’s Inner Circle lately on AEW. I am hoping it happens. Jericho is easily my favorite wrestler of all time at this point. No matter what he touches, it turns to gold. Cassidy has one of the funniest gimmick I have ever seen in wrestling. I can only imagine the promos from Jericho and the trash talk in the ring because of Cassidy’s absurd antics.

5. Cody v Triple H

Although these two have faced off before, it would be so much different if we saw this in 2020. The American Nightmare taking on The Game would break the 4th wall in so many ways. The build would be glorious. An executive from both AEW and WWE battling it out for supremacy. Cody has certainly come in to his own since leaving WWE to create his own legacy. As he said, he went from undesirable to undeniable. The set up for this rivalry would be easy as Cody already took a shot at Triple H destroying a throne with a sledgehammer.

4. Jon Moxley v Stone Cold

Two of the biggest anti-heroes in wrestling history. Mox and Stone Cold both posses the quality of just not caring about who they have to hurt in the pursuit on getting what they want. I think it would be a nice way to pay homage to the guy who could help catapult AEW into the next level. AEW’s top anti-hero against WWF’s top anti-hero.

3. Sting v Undertaker

This was a match everyone was wanting to see when it was rumored Sting would make his WWE debut. Something many thought would never happen. When he debuted, those rumors kept flying. These are two of the most notable wrestlers in history. The build for this would be bone chilling. Imagine Sting sitting in the rafters playing mind games with Undertaker. Then, imagine blackouts and the gong going off during Sting’s matches. It would be mental warfare at it’s finest. Two men who historically said very little and two men who instilled fear in the person across from them. To see a face-off between these two would be nothing short of surreal.

2. Shawn Michaels v AJ Styles

Anytime talk starts heating up on a Shawn Michaels return, AJ Styles’ name is thrown in the mix. It is a match most wrestling fans salivate over. Styles is one of the best in-ring performers in wrestling, meanwhile Michaels is a total showstopper. He’s had amazing matches with so many legends like Ric Flair and the Undertaker. As a wrestling fan, you almost feel robbed that this has never happened. Even in Michaels older age, I am sure the match would be fantastic due to Styles’ ability to carry a match. He is great at putting guys over without losing the match as is Michaels.

1. Seth Rollins v Kenny Omega

Prior to AEW, I knew who Kenny Omega was by name. However, I had never seen a match. It didn’t take long to understand why I knew who he was. He is on another level between the ropes much like Seth Rollins. I would love to see these two face off with Omega as a face and Rollins as a heel. I have no doubt these two could put on a 5 star match or better.


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